It was a subtle whisper, and it left as quickly as it came.

“You might as well quit. You’re not making a difference for Jesus. You’re not making a difference at all.”

And, for a moment, I believed it. A fleeting thought followed, “Yeah, maybe I should quit.”

Ever been there? Ever had similar whispers which caused you to ponder quitting?

My day grabbed me and off I went, forgetting about it all until I logged into my blog yesterday afternoon. Preparing my head to write, it was no accident I stopped over to Suzie Eller’s blog. I find it utterly amazing how God continues to give me what I need, right when I need it. (Even when I don’t know I need it.) He reminded me through this friend–and her words–that my calling isn’t about reaching the masses or about the likes or the re-tweets or any of that.

Even if it may appear I’m making no difference at all.

It’s about doing what God calls me to do. Period.

But, it’s easy to listen to the whisper, isn’t it? It’s a temptation to follow it. Especially when it comes at a time when no visible results are present, and you’re weary of the pressure to perform.

I know it wasn’t God’s whisper that told me to quit yesterday morning. God doesn’t work that way. He doesn’t take back the call He’s given.

You see, when God gives a grace gift and issues a call to a people, He does not change His mind and take it back. Romans 11:29 VOICE

That’s encouraging and comforting, isn’t it? If God has gifted you and me in a specific way, and calls us to use that gift, we can trust He’s going to lead us as we step out in faith.

But, a whisper suggesting we quit is a tool the enemy of our souls uses to try to thwart us. He attempts to prevent us from using our gifts and following our calling. He whispers such words of defeat and discouragement so subtly, we may not even realize where they are coming from.

May we not listen to the whisper to quit.

Friend, if you’re tempted to quit in your calling, don’t. If you’re thinking about hanging up your gift, refuse to do so. What I’ve learned from experience is this: when you’re hearing the whisper to quit, stay the course. There’s a breakthrough about to happen. There’s a blessing just around the corner. And, if you decide to quit, it’s one you’ll miss.

Give yourself permission to settle into God’s calling. Give yourself permission to let go of the pressure to perform. Rejoice in and thank God for His gifts. And, shine bright for Him as you use them.

Yes, I’m reading my own words and taking them to heart. Don’t quit, my friend. I’m not going to either!

I’m thankful we can encourage one another as we journey together.





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