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My nephew and Godson, Bennett, is pretty special to me.  All my nieces and nephews are!  I am so thankful I get to be their aunt. 🙂  Bennett invited me to be his V.I.P. on V.I.P. Day at his school on Wednesday.  I took the morning off of both BSF and work to spend it with him.  I was honored and blessed to be asked to attend this special day with him!

It was extra fun because my brother Pat, Bennett’s dad, attended too!  Pat was V.I.P for his oldest son, Patrick.  I met Pat at their home that morning and I followed him over to the boys’ school.  We walked into the school and went to our separate classrooms, and when I walked into the 5th Grade room, Bennett’s face lit up with a smile.  That moment was priceless to me!

We spent some time in his classroom doing math problems, Wuzzles and some other fun work.  I was able to learn more about Bennett by watching him work.  I knew he was a bright boy, but Wednesday confirmed it for me (and he likes to finish first). 🙂  He must get that competitive spirit from his Godmother.  I also was able to meet one of the classroom’s bearded lizards–either Albert or Einstein (not my favorite thing of the day…ick).

We had a short assembly in the gym where the principal spoke to us.  I had forgotten that one of my former teachers teaches at Patrick & Bennett’s elementary now.  When I saw her at this assembly, memories flooded my mind of her being my teacher 20+ years ago!  She hasn’t seemed to age a bit!  As all four of us walked out, she saw us and commented, “Look out…four Gorkows in one place…this is nothing but trouble!”  That made me smile.  I have to say, it was good to see her.

The entire elementary took a 1K walk around town.  What a beautiful day!  Bennett and I walked with his friend Austin and Austin’s mom.  Afterwards it was time for lunch…chicken patty on a bun, a hashbrown patty, corn, applesauce, fruit cocktail, cake, and milk.  Bennett asked if he could have my cake.  I had to say no…it looked way too good to give away! 🙂

Bennett informed me at lunch that we would be playing dodgeball at recess after lunch.  I got a little excited!  I used to love playing dodgeball back in my school days!  We used the red playground-type balls when I was in school…and if you know which ones I’m referring to and ever played dodgeball with them, you know what a mark they can leave if one hit you!  I was excited to see if I could still play like I used to…

I stood back and watched for awhile.  Only dads and kids were playing.  NO grown women!  Seriously??? The balls they used were foam-filled red balls, so if they hit you, the sting wasn’t as sharp.  Pat went to the other side of the court and put his hands out to his side, gesturing to me as if he was saying, “What’s up?  Why aren’t you playing?”  Needless to say, I joined in.  Bennett seemed excited that I was finally playing.

“Here Julie!” he called to me as he tossed me a ball.  I literally had to tell myself, “Julie, these are 5th & 6th graders.  Go easy.”  Yeah, right…the first few throws, my aim was WAY off.  No one had anything to worry about when I was throwing the ball.  But on my third throw, I aimed at Pat and took him out!!  I achieved my goal for the day!  Until…I was taken out by one of Bennett’s friends.  Served me right.

Walking back to the school, Pat snapped this picture of Bennett, Patrick and me.  (Patrick is on my right and Bennett is on my left.)  I love these boys!  It was a beautiful day in every way!

Bennett, if you are reading this or if your mom is reading this to you, I want you to know you have a special place in my heart.  Thank you so much for choosing me to be your V.I.P!  I will cherish the memories of V.I.P. Day, and enjoyed our time together!  God has blessed you with many gifts…and by the way, you are a GREAT dodgeball player too!  I love you Buddy! -Aunt Julie

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