From Ordinary To Extraordinary

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Love God

You know those kinds of days.

Filled with moments that make you smile. Simple pleasures that touch your heart. Almost-insignificant occasions which seem too important to forget. All designed just for you. Or so it appears.

From my first sip of my favorite coffee in the morning, to the encouraging message I received from a friend midday, to my afternoon peaceful outdoor walk.

I couldn’t have designed this day any better.

But why? Why did this ordinary Saturday seem so extraordinary?

Then I remembered…

My thoughts traveled back to when my alarm sounded and woke me earlier that morning. In my half-awake, half-slumber state, I had asked God to guide me, to bless me, and to bless my day. I asked Him if He would show Himself to me throughout the day’s events.

I almost forgot I had prayed those early morning words, and here God was boldly and beautifully answering.

I wonder how many days I’ve brought similar requests to Him, and got too busy to notice??

I wonder how many times my eyes were too focused on me and my problems, and I missed God’s blessings??

I wonder how many times He’s shown Himself to me and I missed it??

But this day? I was full-aware of His presence in the normal, everyday moments, and I couldn’t have been more thankful.

Later that afternoon as I walked by our north-facing windows, something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. Here, the clouds streaking across the northern sky had taken on a pinkish, lavender hue. I knew that could only mean one thing… the sight to the west must be spectacular.

I grabbed my camera, quickly slipped on my shoes, and raced outside.

And there it was. Amber, orange, crimson, and gold filled the western sky as the sun was disappearing beyond the horizon.

I stood there in awe. “Thank you,” I whispered to my Creator, who had not only showered me with blessings throughout my day, but Who topped it off by creating this magnificent painting in the sky. Just for me. “Thank you, God.”
sunset 11 edited
Okay, maybe it wasn’t “just for me,” but it sure felt like it.

God knows how to get my attention. He knows how my heart is drawn to His paintings in the sky. He knows what encouragement I receive from beholding them. He was revealing Himself through His creation. He was “speaking” to me in a way I understood.

Ordinary days become extraordinary when we invite God to be a part of them.

God is with us always, but when we specifically invite Him into our day, He shows up. We see life in ways we may have missed before. We experience moments of awestruck wonder. We behold God revealing Himself to us specifically throughout our day.

Friend, take a moment to invite God to be a part of your day. Invite Him to show Himself to you in a way you won’t miss Him. Then be ready for Him to answer.

from ordinary to extraordinary

Your day will go from ordinary to extraordinary.

I love extraordinary, God-filled days, don’t you??

Blessings, my friend!



It’s a pleasure to link up this post with my friend Holly Barrett for Testimony Tuesday. Stop by her place today and be encouraged.

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  1. Anita Ojeda

    I LOVE those answers to prayer that are splashed across the sky–I think sunrises and sunsets are my love language, too ;). I’ve started a 1000 gifts journal this month–it’s making me more aware of my daily blessings–and how I have so very much (and maybe I don’t need all the ‘things’ I think I need).

    • Julie Lefebure

      Anita, I think you and I must have been separated at birth. 🙂 We sure have much in common, including our love for sunrises and sunsets! Thanks for the suggestion of what you’re doing with your 1000 gifts journal. I used to do very well at recording my blessings each night, but have gotten away from that. I appreciate your “nudge.” Thanks for being such a wonderful friend!

  2. Carmen Horne

    Thank you so much for reminding to invite God into my day everyday. Busyness can rob me of the opportunity to see Him better. Much needed for me.

    • Julie Lefebure

      God continues to speak to me on this, Carmen. I’m glad we’re walking through this together! Praying you’ve had an extraordinary day, friend. So glad you stopped in today… it blessed me to see you here. Hugs to you!

  3. Sabra Penley

    It’s so easy to rush through the day and miss the special blessings God places in front of us. Thanks for this reminder, Julie!

    • Julie Lefebure

      You are so right, Sabra. I’m guilty of doing it often. Praying we all can slow down, especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. I don’t want miss one thing God has planned for me. Blessings to you, dear friend! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Sarah Donegan

    The sad thing is I ask that and STILL get too busy to notice sometimes. I have a special prayer for tomorrow, thanks to you!

    • Julie Lefebure

      Me too, Sarah. Me too. God is really getting my attention on this, in the ways He knows I’ll understand. I’ll be praying for you tomorrow too! Thanks, friend.

  5. Mitzi

    It is so true how we get so caught up that we forget sometimes to notice those little blessings that God shares with us. I’ve learned he is always sharing and showing His love. Whether it is in the form of a beautiful painted sky or merely clouds streaked across the sky in an amazing way, even if I am the only one who recognizes their beauty. Wonderful post. Big hugs…

    • Julie Lefebure

      Hi Mitzi! Welcome! It’s good to “meet” you! Yes, I forget, but God is reminding me in those painted skies and clouds. It helps to have friends who remind us too. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing. I love it. Big hugs to you as well!

  6. Holly Barrett

    Love this: “Ordinary days become extraordinary when we invite God to be a part of them.” And love you! Thanks for your encouragement and consistent presence in this community! 🙂

    • Julie Lefebure

      Holly, I hope we can meet some day soon. You are such a blessing to me and to this community! God bless you, my friend! Thanks for your encouragement.


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