Thankful for Wonderful Friends

by | Oct 23, 2011 | Encouragement, friends, health

I am one blessed girl.

True friendship edited

As I reflect back on our week, I am thankful tonight for some wonderful friends God has placed in my life.

It was a challenging week for our family as we focused on helping Ali get better from her sickness.  I was running on lack of sleep, trying to balance my life between Ali and work and everything else.

Tina, who has been my best friend for over 30 years, was there for me every moment of every day.  She is working through her own life situations, but she was, and continues to be, there for me…no matter what.  I know she has been on her knees praying for Ali and praying for me.  She blessed me with a gift on Thursday…a beautiful prayer box bracelet.  She has no idea how much that gift meant to me, during such a time as this.  She’s one incredible woman of God, and best friend.

Jeanie is another friend who I know has been praying for me and for Ali.  She blessed me this week in a number of ways, including bringing me two of her amazing m&m bars!  She also took my turn at cleaning our studio space this week, without me knowing until she had already done it.  That blessed me more than she will ever know.  She knows how to help me keep my focus on God.

I talked to my friend Patty from the east coast yesterday.  She is another friend who has been praying for our family.  Her words and encouragement blessed me…and just when I needed it most.  Patty and I grew up together, and I’m thankful God has reconnected our lives again.  Her texts throughout the week, filled with uplifting and God-centered words, strengthened me and gave me hope.

I had many friends on facebook encourage me as well.  I know people all over have been thinking of Ali and praying for her.  Even people who I didn’t know very well growing up, but because of facebook we have reconnected, have said they are praying for us.  I have been thankful for each of their posts.

The women I work with at Mission of Hope have been incredible…standing in the gap in my absence.  I am in awe at what they have done for me, and how they have kept their focus on God in keeping every aspect of Mission of Hope running smoothly.  Marcia has texted me, checked on me, loved me and helped me work through my crazy emotions these past few weeks.  She’s a gift from God!

And my friends in BSF…they have supported me, lifted Ali and our family up in prayer, and have been my solid rock I have been able to lean on through all of this.  I know they are on their knees praying for Ali’s healing.  I pray I am able re-join this precious circle again this coming week.

I am humbled and thankful that God has put so many incredible friends in my life.  True friends.  Lasting friends.  Friends that are there when needed the most…and they don’t care how inconvenient the timing may be.  I pray I am able to return the favor in some way with each one of these dear ones in my life.  I cherish each one and love them immensely!

God has truly blessed me!

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