Life on Christmas Eve Day

by | Dec 24, 2012 | Christmas, schedule, thankfulness

I have a few hours to myself this afternoon.

And a few hours to relax.

I’m very thankful today for all God has blessed me with.

This past week was probably the busiest week of my year. I realize I haven’t written a post since Wednesday last week. Life went into overdrive for me.

All last week we at Mission of Hope were doing last-minute preparations for our Christmas Giveaway. The blizzard hit Wednesday night and Thursday morning. I spent the day Thursday at home with my family, preparing for our Mission of Hope Giveaway–which was scheduled for Thursday but with the storm, we moved it to Friday, and preparing for our family’s Christmas celebrations. I never did hear exactly how much snow we received, but I would guess around here we had close to 12 inches. 🙂

Friday was a beautiful day at the Mission. Our annual Christmas Giveaway was a wonderful blessing to so many. I’ll write a post with all the details soon! I was thankful Bill, Ali and Zach were able to experience the entire day with me. I can’t say enough how very thankful I am for such a wonderful and gifted husband, and for two special and incredible children! 🙂

We spent Friday evening together shopping as a family. Saturday morning I treated myself to a hair appointment with Tracy. I love her…she makes me feel so special and she hides my gray for me! 🙂 I finished some last minute shopping on my own afterwards and in the afternoon we prepared for our Christmas celebrations for yesterday with both sides of our family celebrating on the same day. I’ll make a post about them later too. We have such a wonderful family. Another thing I’m so thankful for today!

And here I am. Listening to Christmas music, relaxing in our recliner. This feels wonderful! 🙂 Bill, Ali & Zach are out shopping. I think that Ali could shop every day if she could! Flurries are falling outside. It’s so pretty!

Have I mentioned I love Christmas??

Life on earth doesn’t get much better than this today.

No matter what you may be doing today, there are many things to be thankful for. I hope you take time to see them and thank God for them.

Merry Christmas!

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