Sunset, Sunrise & Cows

by | Aug 25, 2012 | God's blessings, summer

Anyone who knows me knows I love the beauty of sunrises and sunsets. Each one is uniquely different, and any chance I get, I try to capture just a glimpse of them with my camera. Of course, the pictures really never do them justice. In fact, someone asked me just today, “Did you see the sunrise this morning? Did you take a picture of it?” 🙂

The sunset last night from our front yard…

On my early morning run this morning, this is what I experienced in the eastern sky on our road…

And I couldn’t help but take a picture of these friendly-looking cows at our neighbor’s on my route…
I love living in the “country.” Beautiful sunsets, sunrises and cows. I consider myself blessed. 🙂
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