Still in My Pajamas!

by | May 7, 2010 | just for fun, sermons

It’s after 1pm onFriday…and I’m still in my pajamas!
And you should see my desk.  Actually, I think I’ll take a picture of it so I can TOTALLY be real with you! 🙂  Here you go…
(I can’t believe I just did that!)
And I can’t believe how my desk looks!  I’m appauled!  I have been at my desk the last two days, pounding on these keys on my laptop, doing research, reading my Bible, eating my breakfasts and lunches, drinking way too much coffee and not enough water, and only getting up when I have other obligations I needed to fulfill (and to visit the restroom).  I’m preparing the Mother’s Day message for church on Sunday.  My desk can’t take much more (as you can see)!  The picture really doesn’t do my mess justice! 🙂  I even have Mary Kay products to be delivered buried under this mess!

But I think I just finished my message, or should I say God’s message.  But this is the most critical time…each time I hit this point, I over-analyze, over-think and have to avoid redoing the whole message.  I sit and let it stew in my mind, continue to pray for God to show me if there’s anything else I need to add, and wait.  It’s a good feeling, however, to have at least the almost-final draft done. 🙂

Now, I still want to get in my workout, and get my shower done before going to pick up Zach from school.  I have a meeting at 4:30, Zach has soccer practice at 5:00, then we are invited to some friends’ home for dinner after practice at 7:00.  My desk will have to wait until tomorrow morning to be cleaned off!  🙂

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