08. How To Stay Encouraged in Seasons of Transition

by | Sep 28, 2021 | Podcast

Are you finding yourself in a season of transition? Because if you are, many of us are right there with you. Not only that, but our seasons are in transition, too, from summer to autumn. On the calendar they officially transitioned last week. In this week’s episode we look at how to stay encouraged and be filled with hope in the seasons of transition we find ourselves in.

How to Stay Encouraged in Seasons of Transition

I can recall the morning well. Being an early riser, I opened my eyes, said good morning to God, and was ready to make it a great day. But then I remembered. It took a moment, but I almost forgot this morning would be different. This morning was the first of many without our children home. No more making sure they were awake on time. No more making breakfast for all of us. And no more hugs before they bounded out the front door for the day.

Goodness the house was eerily quiet.

We had moved our youngest to college the day before, and I wasn’t ready for the emotions that accompanied this move. Years prior when our daughter moved out, that was difficult too. But knowing our son was still home with us consoled my grieving heart back then. But with our son now gone, well, this was entirely different. This was it. He was our last at home and with our home now empty, my heart felt the weight of this reality.

How would I make it through this transition when for 15 years, all I knew was raising and parenting our children? And suddenly they are both gone? How am I supposed to function with the house so empty? What am I to do now?

This season of transition was four years ago, but I remember it well and still feel all the feels.

One thing is for sure, seasons of transition are a part of life.

We peer into what a transition is. You know me… I like to look up words! And we compare ourselves and our lives right now with us and our lives five years ago. Life is full of seasons of transition.

The Bible even references seasons of transition. We take a look at Ecclesiastes, chapter 3. So many seasons of transition! No matter, these kinds of seasons can be difficult to navigate.

But the thing is, your season of transition is likely different than anyone else’s.

Some of us do well in seasons of transition, and well, some of us do not. Sometimes it helps knowing you’re not the only one experiencing this kinds of season.

As I find my way through my own transition, I share five ways to stay encouraged through seasons of transition. If you’re currently not going through a transition, it’s likely someone in your life is. These five ways may help and encourage him or her in navigating this season.

Believe it or not, it is possible to stay encouraged in seasons of transition.

Our story from four years ago continues to remind me God is with us in our transitions. I share the ending of the story, and just to give you a head’s up, it’s full of hope.

We are discussing this subject of how to stay encouraged in seasons of transition in our new community on Facebook, the Encouragement for Real Life Community Facebook group. I invite you over to join the conversation. We’ve designed it to be the most encouraging space on the internet. The link is in the show notes. And if you are encouraged through this episode, I encourage you to rate it and review it so others can be encouraged as well.

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Thanks for being here today. I appreciate you. God bless you.

How to Stay Encouraged in Seasons of Transition
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