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Spring is my second-favorite season. It is a close second to summer. As the snow has finally melted in our yard–finally–I look at my flower beds that are just waiting to come to life. Some of the flowers on the east side of our home are just appearing above the surface! After our long winter, I look forward to seeing my flowers once again!

My mother had an amazing “green thumb!” Her flower beds were filled with beautiful flowers…all colors and all kinds. She worked in her flower beds daily and doing so brought her such joy. I am reminded today of the joy she received caring for her flowers, and I will be reminded this spring and summer each time I look at the ones I transplanted from her flower beds into mine. Even though I don’t have the “green thumb” gift that she had, it’ll bring me joy to at least attempt to have it!

As a tribute to my mother, who I miss very much–as she has gone home to be with our Lord, I’m sharing with you the poem me and my brothers chose for the memorial bulletin for her funeral last year.

“If this were my last day I’m almost sure
I’d spend it working in my garden.
I would dig about my little plants,
And try to make them happy,
So they would endure long after me.
Then I would hide secure
Where my green arbor shades me from the sky,
And watch how bird and bee and butterfly
Came hovering to every flowery lure.
Then, as I rested, perhaps a friend or two,
Lovers of flowers would come, and we would walk
About my little garden paths and talk
Of peaceful times when all the world seemed true.
This may be my last day, for all I know;
What a temptation just to spend it so!”
–Anne Higginson Spicer
My prayer for you today is that God would touch you this season of spring. As we see the earth come alive with color, may He bless you abundantly and give you new life in Him. Thank you for sharing in my mother’s memory today. I urge you to continue to live a life that honors God!
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