Saturdays and Missing Mom

by | Feb 16, 2008 | Personal memories

Today, like many of my days, I am keeping myself busy. I don’t like idleness. Today as I was working on a few projects, I was listening to my favorite radio station and a song came on which stopped me in my tracks. I had heard the song before, but really hadn’t listened to the lyrics in quite this way before. It’s called Every Saturday, and I believe it’s by Seventh Day Slumber.

The words in the beginning were about how every Saturday just isn’t the same since a loved one was no longer with this person. As I was listening, I wasn’t prepared for the emotions that welled up inside of me as I thought back to all the fun things my mom and I used to do together on Saturdays. I can no longer do those things with her, as she is with Jesus, but I have some wonderful, cherished memories of our Saturdays together. And then my mind went back to the Saturday that she passed away. I couldn’t stop the tears.

I would spend time with mom almost every Saturday. Some Saturdays we would go shopping. Some Saturday mornings we would just enjoy coffee together at her house. Some Saturdays she would watch our kids at her home while I held an appointment, but I would always make it back in time to have lunch with them. She was an amazing cook! Some Saturdays we would clean each other’s homes together. Some Saturdays we ran errands. Some Saturdays we would just talk and catch up about our week. I miss those Saturdays with her. They were fun, uplifting and encouraging for me.

I miss her advice and her listening ear. When things would frustrate me in my life, she always listened with love. When I was hurt, she would love me with her eyes, ears, hugs and her words. When I didn’t know how to handle a situation, she would give me her thoughts and her advice. She was such a wise woman. When I felt all alone in life, I would call her or go visit her and I knew she would understand and her smile would reassure me. How I miss her!

As I’m sitting here writing this, I am realizing as I look at the calendar that it’s been 14 months ago today, on a Saturday, that she went home to be with Jesus. I have to realize that days like this–where I will miss her terribly and cry my eyes out–will come when I least expect it. I certainly didn’t plan to miss her like this today. I am thankful that I know where she’s at today, in our Lord’s presence, and I am thankful that we had such a special and precious relationship here on this earth. I so look forward to being reunited with her in heaven someday!

Is there someone you are missing today? It’s ok if you are…let the memories enrich your life. I would love to tell mom one more time just how much she means to me, how much I love her and to thank her for the influence she was (and still is) in my life. Is there someone you can tell today of how much you love, appreciate and thank them for who they are? Don’t wait another day…do it today! After I had my emotional melt-down, I called my brothers and invited them and their families over tonight for some what we call “fellowship, food and fun.” Two out of the three are coming tonight…I can’t wait to laugh, share more memories and make new ones, and to tell them just how very much they mean to me!

May God bless you this Saturday and may you make some great new memories with whatever you are doing today. May we all live a life that honors God today!

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