34. So, What Were You Doing Two Years Ago?

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Podcast

So, friend, what were you doing two years ago? Do you remember? Seems like so long ago, doesn’t it? Yet it feels like not so long ago when we think back to those early days of the pandemic. We likely recall how life shifted for most of us two years ago. For some life came to an abrupt halt, and for others, life sped up significantly. For some of us life became a blur, and yet for others, we saw life through eyes of sharp clarity. I don’t think we will ever forget March of 2020, do you?

So, What Were You Doing Two Years Ago?

I remember it well. Sitting in the fourth row in our local theater in between my husband and my daughter on Saturday evening, March 14, 2020. We were all enjoying the Christmas gift we gave her and our son-in-law, tickets for One Night of Queen. This tribute band took us as close as we’ll ever get to the iconic British band. The music was spot on, the company was spectacular, and watching Alissa and Morgan (our daughter and son-in-law) was even better than the performance on stage. They are big Queen and Freddie Mercury fans. Hence the name of their mini Golden Doodle, Freddie.

Early on in the show, however, a text from our pastor lit up my lock screen. “We are canceling worship tomorrow morning. Can you make an announcement?” Wait, what? We’re canceling church tomorrow? I opened the text and instantaneously, goosebumps covered my body. We were canceling worship the following morning because Iowa’s infection rate of the virus was large enough to take action. He attached links with statements from our governor.

When life changed two years ago, where were you in that moment?

I invite you today to pause where you are, turn around, and take a look back. A long look back to 2020. Goodness we’ve gone through much in two years, haven’t we? Because sometimes it’s in the glancing back to where we’ve been to be able to see just how far we’ve traveled. To realize just how far we’ve come.

In this episode I share more of my story from two years ago and the days that followed. I also offer some encouraging Bible verses that were appropriate then, and still are today.

Click on the player above to listen to the 19-minute episode.

No matter what we were doing two years ago, and no matter what’s to come, we’ve learned it’s in God we trust with the real lives He’s given us. God bless you, my friend.

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So, What Were You Doing Two Years Ago?
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