What Six Pairs Of Shoes Inside Our Door Remind Me

by | Feb 27, 2018 | #adventure2018

I just walked by the door in our home that opens to our garage. And, I chuckled under my breath.

Six pairs of shoes are on the rug in front of it. Six.

Now, this would have been a typical sight a few years ago with our active teenagers coming and going. Shoes were found to be sprawled everywhere. Everywhere! (And, they didn’t always smell so great, either. Especially our daughter’s volleyball shoes! Yikes!) Today, however, neither one of our kids currently live under our roof. We are what you’d call empty-nesters. The shoes are ours–my husband’s and mine. And yes, five pairs belong to me. It’s time to put them away, don’t you think?

Some of us are appalled to see six pairs of shoes by a door.

Some of us are better than that. Many of us keep clutter at bay. We put things where they belong, and keep our homes organized and orderly. From personal experience, it’s easier to stay on top of the clutter than try to play catch up, isn’t it? (Anyone else spend an entire day just removing or organizing clutter? Anyone?) Before long, if we’re not careful, six pairs of shoes may just multiply into a mountain!

In all seriousness, however, when life pulls me in every direction possible, shoes aren’t the only things that begin piling up. Stress, to-do lists, and the feeling of falling behind increases. Laundry baskets overflow, sleep takes a hit, and my good eating habits get buried in chocolate. I’m thankful, in this moment though, everything else appears to be keeping up… all except that poor rug full of shoes!

How is your rug, friend? Is it shoe-free or is it a bit more like mine? Either way, it’s a fine day to give ourselves a little grace. May it help to be reminded, our rugs do not dictate our worth. And, just because our rug might be a mess, doesn’t mean our lives are. (Thank you, Jesus!)

What six pairs of shoes remind me

Six pairs of shoes remind me life is happening.

Life is surely happening in our household. Even if it is with just Bill and me. Life is hopping, and the shoes indicate that. I’m grateful for the coming and going we experience… in jobs, ministry, church, family events, date nights and such. All are blessings in my book. I’m thankful life is happening over here.

Six pairs of shoes remind me home is special.

When we’re home, we don’t wear shoes. We set (or kick) them off to the side. To me it’s a picture of removing what’s going on in the world outside and allowing our home to be a sanctuary, so to speak. For as long as I can remember I did all I could to set the tone in our home to be peaceful, loving, and relaxing. I’ve always desired it to be opposite of what’s going on in the world. Seeing those shoes reminds me this home of ours is a refuge, safe, and special.

Six pairs of shoes remind me to be who I am.

Every now and then, even daily, it’s good to remember who we are. We are not our clothes, our jobs, our marriages (or singleness), our education, or where we live. We are none of those things, yet so very often we fall into the trap of thinking so. No, we are who we are… created uniquely special. Removing our shoes helps me mentally discard all the other stuff in life and reminds me to be me. Simple, yet truly unique, me.

Who thought we could learn so much from six pairs of shoes?? It’s all in our perspectives, isn’t it? Good thing we can give each other grace in that too!

I’m thankful for these reminders today, but now I’m off to put my shoes where they belong.



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