What My Fitness Tracker Is Teaching Me

by | Mar 9, 2018 | #adventure2018

For the past couple of years I toyed with the idea of purchasing a fitness tracker. I had heard they were helpful in counting steps, but that’s about all I knew of them. But, they intrigued me. My husband had one and many of my friends did too. Everyone seemed to like theirs.

So, with some birthday money and coupons in hand, I walked into our local sporting goods store on January 2, and walked out with my very first fitness tracker! It’s been a cling-on to my left arm nearly every hour since.

I wish I would have gotten one sooner!

Through these past nine weeks I’ve learned all sorts of interesting things about myself. (You’d think at this age I would already know all there is to know about me. I mean really, I’ve lived with myself for a very long time!) I have become very aware of my eating, hydrating, and sleeping habits… some good and some not-so-good. I’ll explain shortly.

My fitness tracker is a popular brand. The decision of which one to purchase about stopped me from getting one. Seriously, there’s so many choices! I decided to go with the skinniest one since my forearms are what I refer to as “puny.” My wrists look like they belong on a child, not a grown woman. But, anyway, the size of my wrists influenced my choice. Then there was the decision about what color of band to go with. Black would go with the most in my wardrobe, so that was a simpler choice.

This thing tracks everything I would ever want!

I uploaded the app to my phone and I was off and running, literally! It tracks my steps, my exercise, my heart rate (I’ve had issues with my heart in the past), my activity level, my sleep, my weight, my water intake, and my food intake. Goodness! It probably does even more that I haven’t taken the time to figure out yet.

So, what is this fitness tracker teaching me?

    • I wasn’t getting as much sleep as I thought I was. My tracker shows me I’m awake more often through the night than I think I am. It also shows how much light, deep, and REM sleep I’m getting. Sure, it might not be 100% accurate, but I’m becoming aware of a good night’s rest. It has also helped me understand circadian rhythm and how important it is to go to bed and wake at similar times every day.
    • I don’t walk nearly as much as I thought I did. My goal is 10,000 steps a day. I can count the times I’ve made that goal since January 2 on both hands. My fitness tracker makes me aware of my activity level throughout the day, and if I sit too long at my desk at work, it can buzz to remind me to get up and get moving.
    • I wasn’t drinking enough water. I now log on the app how many ounces of water I take in daily. How did I ever get by on one or two bottles of water at the most when now I easily drink over 80 ounces in a day?
    • I can track my exercise. With a goal to exercise 6 out of 7 days, just knowing that particular section will turn green and throw digital confetti when I achieve it spurs me on to keep going.
    • This is my favorite feature of my fitness tracker… I’m more aware of what I’m eating. I can also log on my app the foods I’ve eaten throughout the day. This amazes me. It counts my grams of protein, carbs, and fat based on what I enter. It shows me the calories I take in and the calories I expend. Can you believe there’s 130 calories in just 6 of my favorite crackers?? And those Girl Scout cookies that are so delicious?? 130 calories in 2 cookies! Yikes!

Who knew a fitness tracker could teach me all of that?

I believe it’s helping me in my quest to stay healthy. I can’t wait to see how it logs our bicycle miles this spring and summer.

Friend, do you have a fitness tracker? What do you like about it the most? What do you like about it the least? Are you thinking of getting one? They may not be for everyone, but I sure like mine.

I’ve sat too long… I’m going to get up and move. Continuing on in the adventure of life…

Have a great day!


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  1. Tara

    I need to start using my FitBit again. I so hear you on the steps. I always thought I was getting way more than I actually was.


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