Saying Goodbye to the 30’s!

by | Dec 29, 2008 | God, me

A couple days ago I celebrated my birthday…and it was the BIG one! (You can figure it out by the picture to the right!) I had to say “goodbye” to the 30’s! Mary Kay Ash always said, “A woman who will tell her age will tell everything!” No one knew how old she was until she passed away and it was in her obituary. I guess I don’t have a problem with sharing how old I am. I’m glad God has brought me this far!

I stopped by my pastor’s home on my birthday (who also happens to be the mother of my best friend, Tina–her and her family are living with Pastor Barb until their home is finished because of the flood). Barb greeted me at the door with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, wished me a happy birthday, and said jokingly, “Say goodbye to the 30’s…you’ll never get them back!” I can say, I hadn’t had that thought until then! Ugh!

The 30’s are gone forever! My 30’s were great though! Some of the richest times of my life I experienced in my 30’s. Ten years ago I had a four year old and a one year old, so watching Ali and Zach grow up these ten years have been such a wonderful blessing for me! Bill and I were only married six years, and in my 30’s, we went through the most trying times in our marriage, which grew us closer to each other and closer to the Lord. My walk with the Lord grew immensely! He taught me about His faithfulness, love and forgiveness in numerous ways in my 30’s. I am so thankful for that! I lost both of my parents in my 30’s, which were the most challenging of times for me, but I also saw, how through their earthly absence, God bonded me and my brothers together in ways unlike anything I’ve ever seen or experienced! I am so very grateful! God also used me in my 30’s, and continues to do so, in ways I never dreamed or imagined!

So, as I look ahead to a new decade of life, I’m excited to experience life in my 40’s. I’m excited to see how God will work in my life, and how He will continue to be faithful to His promises. I want to do all I can to take care of myself, as I know it is important to take care of the body God has given me. I’ve heard many a story of how it gets harder to do so, as other women who have ventured into this decade before me have shared their thoughts and experiences with me. I want to be healthy on this earth, for as long as God’s will allows me to be. When He’s ready to take me home though, I will be ready to trade this body in for my heavenly one! (I look forward to that day!) I want to continue to trust God through my 40’s. Proverbs 3:4-5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”

Thank you for walking alongside of me through this journey called life. I’m excited we get to experience it together! God bless!

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