63 Lefebures at Christmas!

by | Dec 31, 2008 | Christmas, family

In a previous post I mentioned we celebrated Christmas with Bill’s family on Sunday afternoon…not just his immediate family with parents, brother, sisters and their families, but with his uncles and aunts and their families as well! A total of 63 “Lefebures” were in attendance!

Bill’s family is quite a fun group of people. It’s been a blessing for me to be a part of his family for the last sixteen years. You should see what happens at the Lefebure Reunions! Every three years “Lefebures” from all across the nation flock to eastern Iowa to attend this three day event! I’ve never experienced anything like it! My first Lefebure Reunion was in 1991. This August will be my seventh Reunion…like I said, they take place every three years. It’s something everyone looks forward to!

Anyway…back to Christmas. It was fun to catch up on everyone’s lives! A few of the highlights…Uncle Dale said a wonderful blessing to start everything off, we had great food (and way too much of it), it was great to talk to Michele about turning the big 40, we celebrated all of the December birthdays with cake, and took the group picture. It was great to see all the kids hanging out together, laughing and having a good time too.

I applaude his family for organizing this time together and for committing to attending! I hope they do the same thing next year!

By the way…the picture is taken in the church, and on the very altar of where Bill and I were married sixteen years ago! It’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing in my joy!

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