RAGBRAI Day 2 – A Great Day

by | Jul 21, 2014 | This Lefe Family

Forty miles on the bike today. Upper 80-degree weather with high humidity. Lots of wind. But we had a great day!

Saw a few people we knew, which made it extra fun!

I’ll let the pics below share some of what we experienced.




Going to bed early… 79 miles tomorrow! We’ll be peddling before 6am!

Goodnight from Emmetsburg!

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  1. Jennifer Stallman

    79 miles!! Wow! I can’t imagine how sore my butt would be! You can do it though Julie! I will pray that there is a wind pushing you west! 😉

    • Julie

      Yes, Jennifer. That day was huge. Thank you for your encouragement! I read your words Tuesday morning before we took off. Perfect timing! Thank you!


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