RAGBRAI, You’re My Favorite Adventure

by | Jul 18, 2018 | #adventure2018

Well, RAGBRAI, here we are. Three days from another week of experiencing all you have to offer across this lovely state of Iowa. I wait in anticipation for your arrival!

But, you won’t see Team Lefebure until Monday afternoon in Jefferson, because even though you’re my favorite adventure, our family reunion must come first this weekend. We’ll journey 313 miles of you.

RAGBRAI, you're my favorite adventure! This week-long bicycle ride across Iowa continues to amaze me!

You are my favorite adventure.

Since ADVENTURE is my word for 2018, I might be even more excited to experience this year’s version of you! I’m anticipating the many treasures you’ll have in store for us. Your middle-of-the-state route looks amazing for us fifth-year RAGBRAI tandem bicyclists, and we’re especially eager to once again witness small-town Iowa–and its people–to shine in all their glory. I’m wondering which town will be our favorite? (Bill’s alma mater is Iowa State, so I’m assuming his will be Ames.)

We’re expecting clear, sunshiny days and cool nights. (Can you make that happen again, please?) And, warm showers and clean toilets with little to no lines would be a bonus.

We look forward to the food along your route.

Oh, yes, the food! I hope to find a piece of yummy rhubarb pie, coffee each morning (yes, I need my coffee!), maybe visit a few church dinners to support their causes (ham balls would be awesome!), and of course, we will want to enjoy some Beekman’s ice cream.

I find it funny how this once bicycling-isn’t-my-thing and this too-fancy-for-camping kind of girl has become fond of you. But, it’s true. Your week is the week I leave my makeup and hair products at home. It’s the week I become thankful for port-a-potties and a private shower. I’m not controlled by time, nor by my phone, nor by any responsibilities. I just get to be me. Me with my husband (and 15,000 other bicyclists).

Speaking of my husband, you bring the kid out in him.

Bicycling has always been his thing, and I now get to tag along for the ride. I get to see him be like a little kid at Christmas, full of excitement, joy, and adventure. It’s something I can’t quite put into words, but it’s amazing. I love watching him in his element, and it’s a gift I wait for all year long. Thank you for how you do this for my husband, year after year.

Thanks to the story of a childhood memory of one of my doctors, I’m packing $1 bills. Not for my shower (I’ll need them for that, too), but to visit the lemonade stands manned by little kids along the way. I want us to be the ones who bless these kids each day, and if they’ll allow it, I’ll snap a few photos with them so I cannot forget their beautifully, excited faces.

Even though you’re my favorite adventure, I still get nervous.

Each year, however, just at about this time, I get nervous about you. Will I be able to physically do all that you require of me? Will we be safe along the route? Can I again sleep in a tent all week? Will I forget to pack something I desperately need? But, this year I’ve chosen a motto that has eased the worried thoughts thus far. This year my motto is to “peddle by faith” (#peddlebyfaith – 2 Corinthians 5:7). And, that, I will. (Why didn’t I get t-shirts made that say that??!!)

I’ll see you soon, my favorite adventure, and I look forward to creating more one-of-a-kind memories with you and my husband!




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  1. Cindy

    I’m looking forward to your posts along the way so I can adventure with you! We all should #pedalbyfaith through life, shouldn’t we! Good luck and God’s speed!

  2. Kelly Gorkow

    Awesome post…love how this event brings you and Bill such joy, closeness and special time together. All couples need that bond that makes them Mr. And Mrs.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Thanks, Kelly. I love it too! You’re absolutely right!

  3. Lisa Brittain

    I’ve never heard of this here in the south. Does this take you through Loveland, Ohio? Curious. I’ll be watching for more…
    #pedalbyfaith LOVE IT!!

    • Julie Lefebure

      Hi Lisa! This ride is in Iowa. 🙂 It’s pretty amazing!



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