RAGBRAI Day 3 – A Quick Update

by | Jul 22, 2014 | This Lefe Family

15 miles to go today, and let me tell you, this girl is struggling.

My rear hurts the most. We’re currently stopping every five miles to rest. These 79 miles are not going to get the best of us! At the moment, Bill is in line for ice cream for us two. 🙂

I’ve become good friends with cornfields and cornstarch today, and we’re working through the heat staying hydrated and recalling the pic my friend Jennifer posted on my facebook page of cars covered in snow. We will not complain of the heat after the winter we had.

I’m praying these 15 miles are all downhill and the wind will be to our backs!


Will check in again later!

Blessings from the bike!

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  1. Jennifer Stallman

    Glad the picture helped today! 🙂

    • Julie

      You have no idea how it helped us Tuesday, Jennifer. We kept talking about it all day as we peddled! Loved it! You’re a great friend!


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