RAGBRAI 2016 – The Adventure Begins!

by | Jul 23, 2016 | personal journey

Our day began early… Bill’s at 3am, mine at 4. Goodness, that’s crazy. But when you’re excited about the day ahead, it doesn’t feel so early. I’ll, however, need a nap somewhere along the way today. Leaving our home at 5am with our gear for the next seven days, we felt prepared and ready. (Praying we didn’t forget something important!)

As I write this, we are on our way to Glenwood, the starting point for this year’s RAGBRAI. We hear there’s a 95% chance of rain and it’s forecasted to be 98° there today. I’m praying that’s wrong. But maybe a little rain will cool things down a bit?

As 420 miles of peddling are ahead of us in the next seven days, we are thankful for the many wonderful friends and family members thinking of us and praying for us. That’s appreciated more than they’ll ever know. One friend texted me yesterday saying she was even praying for short shower lines for us! We cherish each prayer whispered on our behalf.

But wouldn’t you know, my seasonal allergies went into overdrive this week, prompting me to visit our doctor yesterday, fully prepared to hear I had a sinus infection. Thankfully there’s no infection at this point, and we’re trusting it’ll stay that way, but I have meds on hand just in case.

We look forward to experiencing Iowa on our tandem again, and if you know me well, you know I’ll be taking lots of photos along the way. I’ll be posting updates as time and cell signal allows.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. God bless you!
Much love,


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