My Grumbling Gravel-Laying Day

by | May 20, 2014 | Encouragement

I love where we live. Absolutely love it. We’re pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

I can see in the distance to our north the town I grew up in, a field to our south, the sunrise to our east, and the sunset to our west. It’s a perfect place for this girl who likes the quiet, yet not being too far from the “city.”

Except for yesterday. My normal peaceful morning was interrupted by the sound of loud dump trucks speeding by in front of our home.

gravel road edited

The above was the common sight.

I took this photo through our kitchen window. Goodness, there’s no way I would have taken it from outside, as my camera and I would have been covered in dust.

Oh, the joys of living on a gravel road…

All. Day. Long. From the time I opened my eyes until well after lunchtime. Our home continued to disappear in a cloud of gravel dust every few minutes. I wanted to get outside and work in my garden. But the thought of eating dust all morning didn’t really appeal to me.gravel road edited 2

This day comes once each spring. I know ourĀ gravel roads need a fresh layer on them after the harsh winter we had, but with the wind blowing from the south, the fresh layer combined with big trucks traveling at fast speeds on it, creates a messy dust. It wreaks havoc on our home, our yard, our vehicles, and my sinuses. Somehow the dust finds its way into our garage and in our home. The layer of dust inside today is crazy. And my sinuses are not happy.

This is why we get our road treated every spring. It’s scheduled to happen sometime around Memorial Day. I. Can’t. Wait.

But I shouldn’t complain, should I?

It’s one day a year. The benefits and blessings of living here far outweigh the hassle of one gravel-laying day.

do not grumble

Do not grumble.
1 Corinthians 10:10

God’s Word is very clear about grumbling and complaining. I shouldn’t do it. But how quickly I can fall into doing so, before I even realize it!

I should just be thankful we have a house, a yard, a vehicle, a road. Thankful I can see the dust. Thankful I can breathe, even if my sinuses suffer. Thankful the gravel-laying day gives the dump truck drivers a job to support their families. Thankful our road won’t be a muddy mess this summer. Thankful for the many blessings God gives us as we call this corner of the world our home.

I stopped my grumbling, and became thankful.

May God use my example here to prompt you to not complain about the gravel-laying days in your life too. šŸ™‚


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