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On Tuesday after our day at Mission of Hope, Ali, Zach and I stopped by my brother Pat’s office on the way home. Pat and I got to talking about all kinds of things…and one was their vacation Bible school at their church that was going on each evening this week. Stacie, his wife and my sister-in-law, is heading up VBS, and Pat is the man behind the fox puppet Sparx each night. They were going to be short handed because their high school baseball team was playing in the state baseball tournament Tuesday, and some of the helpers would be going to the game.

Pat asked us of we would want to come up and be a part of their VBS that night. My first reaction was, “NO WAY! I am way too exhausted from the day.” And I was! Leaving his office I really had no desire to go. All I could think about was once I was home I wanted to take my 30 minute nap, and relax at home the rest of the night. I fell asleep in the recliner at 4:30 and woke up at 5:00. Then I remembered VBS…”Should we go?” I asked the kids if they wanted to and I could tell they did. We all ate a quick dinner, and out the door we flew at 5:35, racing to get to their church by the start at 6:00. We made it on time…and I’m so glad we went!

I found that Pat has puppeteering talents I wasn’t aware of! 🙂 He played Sparx the fox very well! Patrick, Bennett and Reagan were surprised and happy to see us. We all helped out in different ways that night, which was great fun. But the best part of the whole evening was when this beautiful, white haired woman came up beside me in the sanctuary, and put her hands on my shoulders. As she gave my shoulders a warm squeeze she asked, “Are you Julie?” A little caught off-guard, I replied with a “Yes?” She went on to say, “Well, I was your third grade teacher!”

It seemed like my childhood flashed before my eyes. I was scanning my memory trying to place 3rd grade in my mind and who this woman was. I had to ask her name, because for the life of me I couldn’t remember. She said, “I’m Mrs. Wilson.” I was taken back. She went on to say that downstairs when I was helping with the activity, she thought that was me but then thought again that it couldn’t be me. I introduced her to my family and told her how happy I was that she came up to me and said something. You should have seen Ali and Zach’s faces…all smiles! (Mom was really in 3rd grade?!) My heart was so filled with joy…this woman impacted my life long ago, and here she was making an impact in my life at that very moment. She attends Pat and Stacie’s church, and I had forgotten that awhile ago she had given to Pat my 3rd grade school picture that she had in her possession all these years. It’s a little scratched up…and embarrassing! It would have to be my worst school picture I ever had taken! 🙂

I came home and searched my picture archives. I found my 3rd grade class picture which had everyone in my 3rd grade pictured, including Mrs. Wilson (picture above). She looks the same today, except her hair is a beautiful white.

I would have missed out on a big blessing if we wouldn’t have gone to VBS that night! I knew that for some reason we were supposed to go, and I’m so glad we did for a number of reasons, but especially to see Mrs. Wilson! What a blessing! We went to Pat and Stacie’s afterwards, stayed there way too late, but had a very fun evening. You can bet I forgot about how tired I was! 🙂

Ever since Tuesday evening, I’ve been recalling memories of 3rd grade and elementary school. That school is no longer in existence, but I have some fond memories there! I thank God today for my elementary school days and for Mrs. Wilson. She is still helping children today, as I was able to witness her encourage many children that attended VBS on Tuesday evening. What a gift! I pray that God will bless Mrs. Wilson today and every day for the rest of her life! 🙂
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