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by | Jul 31, 2009 | family, just for fun

Ever since last Sunday when in our travels I spotted a camper similar to the one we used to camp in as kids, I have been searching for some photos of us camping or even just a photo of the camper itself. I am missing a photo album which I believe contains some of the photos I am looking for. It’s here, but I’m not finding it!

But yesterday I found one! I ran across this picture of my brother Pat and I in front of our camper! I’m thinking I was ten or eleven in this picture. What makes this picture even more meaningful are the other things that are in this picture! Yes, of course the camper is what I remember most in camping. But the other things bring back memories too!

The green lawn chair has a story behind it too…Pat saw a green lawn chair at a ball game this summer and took a picture of it with his phone and sent it to me. This chair looked exactly like one of our old chairs that we took camping, to ball games, and etc. We both hadn’t seen one like it in years! When I took a picture of the camper I saw on Sunday and sent it to him, his comment was, “Now if we could only superimpose that green lawn chair in front of the camper!” 🙂 So, I was very excited when I ran across this picture…not only is the camper in it, but the green lawn chair too! 🙂

The Pepsi beach towel…each of us four kids had a beach towel of our own. I can’t remember what Marty’s towel was for sure, but I’m thinking it was a Budweiser towel (I know…strange for a teenager to have a beach towel featuring beer), Steve had one with a mermaid on it that read, “Nice Catch” (again…strange), Pat’s towel had the word “DISCO” on it with bright colors, and mine was…you guessed it…the Pepsi towel! I still have it today! 🙂

When I sent this picture to Pat, he couldn’t believe it! He commented on his shirt. He wore that shirt in his school picture in 2nd or 3rd grade. He also commented on our hair…or at least mine…as a “pumpkin pie haircutted freak.” (Line is from the movie Dumb and Dumber.) I commented that we are, or at least I am, wearing clothes that don’t match! I have pink and white striped shorts that are trimmed in white that mom made for me. I loved those shorts! They were made out of terry cloth and I thought I was the coolest kid around when I wore them! “My mom made these!” Today my kids wouldn’t be caught anywhere in any clothes that I would make them! (I wouldn’t have the talent to do that anyway, so that’s ok!) And my shirt? Lines and shapes of orange, purple and some pink that form a lion’s face? I believe we got that as a hand-me-down or at a garage sale. I can’t believe I ever wore such a thing! 🙂

Oh the memories! Pat and I always had so much fun together camping. We are less than two years apart in age, so we did a lot together back then. I’m thankful we still do a lot together today. It’s strange if a week goes by that we don’t see each other! We continue to share past memories and make new ones too! I can’t imagine my life without him! 🙂

How fun it is to look back and appreciate the “good ol’ days!”

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