Making It a Memorable Monday

by | Aug 25, 2014 | Encouragement, Love Others

I woke to the sound of thunder off in the distance this morning.

“It’s going to be a great day.”

I meant every part of that statement that flittered through my thoughts.

Raining or not, it’s going to be a great day.

Monday or not, it’s going to be a great day.

Hot and humid or not, it’s going to be a great day.

I chose to get up early and make the most of this Monday.

I began to wonder how many days I have let slip past me, how many I have not appreciated or lived to its fullest, or how many I let be determined by the day’s experiences and circumstances. Probably too many to mention.

That makes me sad.Treasure todayEvery day we are given is a gift. Why would I not do what I could to make each one of them great, beautiful, incredible?

Why do many of us dread Mondays? Just because it’s at the beginning of the week? We should be thrilled we have them, shouldn’t we? A day that ushers in a new week of opportunities, and possibilities. A day that can be a springboard for the seven that are ahead.

Thinking about it in these ways, I become very thankful for today. I am making the most of this Monday! To seek God’s best for me. To live, to love, to experience life in every way I can through it. To make memories, to invest in others’ lives, to appreciate every blessing in it… both big and small. To honor God in every part of this day.

And at the end of it when I lay my head on my pillow, I can rest soundly knowing I lived this day to its fullest, and I did everything I could to make it great.

Join me, won’t you? Let’s make today memorable. Even if it is a Monday!

As I glanced out my east windows just now, this is what I saw…

sunrise 01 edited

The starting of a beautiful day…

God bless you, friend! Happy Monday!



P.S. I’d love to read your thoughts on making today memorable below!


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  1. Kim

    My favorite day of the week has long been Sundays. But, Mondays are next in line. There is a calm and quiet about my Mondays. Kids are at school, husband working (yes down the hall, but still, it is routine). I get a run in, grocery shop (which I enjoy doing) and often bake (today choc chip cookies and blueberry muffins). It is also a stay home evening as there are no sports on Mondays. I want to approach the other days of the week with a look forward to attitude. Thanks for the prompting.

    • Julie

      Kim, I love this! Thank you for sharing your favorite days of the week, and I’m glad to read one of them is Mondays! Sounds like your schedule is perfect for you and your family. I enjoyed reading your Monday routine. What a blessing! Enjoy the rest of your week, friend! So glad you visited today.

  2. keijo

    God are so amazing wise ,when he gave us his love in alot blessing and many different function in love with the in Holy Spirit with joy and healing and set us to celebrate fo love of God,in Jesus name ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

    • Julie

      Yes! God is so amazing, Keijo! So glad we share the same faith in Him! Thank you for sharing here!


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