Life Is Not A Competition

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Encouragement, Love Others

What would happen if we encouraged one another in life, instead of competing with each other?

The response to yesterday’s post was one I didn’t expect. It was overwhelming.

Friend, our lives are not a competition. We are not called to compete with each other. We are called to love one another.

John 13 34-35

Jesus’ words in John 13:34-35:

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

That statement seems strange coming from someone who most of her life felt the need to be the best in everything.

As a kid, if a friend shot ten baskets in a row, I needed to shoot eleven.

If someone received a new Barbie, I needed a new and better one.

I would practice and work until I could do what I would feel as better than anyone else.

That continued into my adult life.

I did what I could to move up quickly in jobs.

I desired to be the best and have the best.

I had a difficult time ever being genuinely happy for someone who received something that I didn’t. Jealousy and envy consumed me.

Receiving criticism about killed me, and by all means, I could never be wrong.

I shake my head at how I used to be. That was a daunting and awful way to live. I didn’t realize it then, but I was one miserable person. How in the world did I have any friends??

I can’t pinpoint the day, or the moment God broke me of all that striving and competing. But He did it over time, lesson after difficult lesson. Today, I couldn’t be more thankful.

There’s such freedom and peace in living a life that’s absent of competition. I pray each of us are living in that beautiful freedom.

In the roles God has blessed us with in life, we don’t have to be better than anyone else. We don’t even need to try to be the best. God calls us each to follow Him, to live out His plan and will for our lives, and to do our best for Him.

My path may be different than yours. God may very well call me to do something different than He does you. Doing what He calls us to do, is what matters.

In this freedom, we can stop competing and start encouraging. We each have beautiful opportunities to do so as we each walk out the journey that’s before us.

  • We can encourage another mom who’s tired and weary.
  • We can encourage a co-worker who is questioning his/her abilities.
  • We can encourage and celebrate a friend who is excelling in a particular area of life.
  • We can be happy for someone who just received a promotion.
  • We can genuinely congratulate a friend whom God has blessed in some special way.
  • We can appreciate each other’s differences, instead of comparing.
  • We can truly love one another the way Jesus says we should.

May God bless you in marvelous and unexpected ways as you walk out your journey today and encourage others who are on your path!


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  1. Deb Wolf

    Amen Julie. I’ve never been much of a competitor but there are several in my family. I do think the blogging community has taken competition to a whole new level for moms. Loved your encouragement and you’re right, there is joy and freedom in lifting each other up.

    • Julie

      Deb, I’ve found such encouragement through bloggers and writers like yourself. It seems that’s where I get the most encouragement. I’m so thankful. Thank you for lifting me up today through your comment. So glad to share life with you! Blessings!

  2. Doris Swift

    Amen Julie! It’s a challenge to live in a world that continually tells us we have to be the best; certainly leaves out any resemblance of being humble. I’ve eaten some of that humble pie myself, and found the hard way I much prefer Apple lol. I struggled this in the corporate world for years; happy to report I’m free of most of it, but still play the comparison game at times. I wrote a post about that, and occasionally have to go back and re-read it for myself lol. Thanks for sharing this good word!

    • Julie

      Hi Doris! Happy Friday! Thank you for stopping by today. It’s always a blessing to connect with you! I prefer apple over humble pie too. That made me smile. So glad to hear you are free from most of the competition stuff these days, and I believe most of us struggle with comparing in one way or another. God sometimes teaches us the most in our posts, doesn’t He?? Have a great day, friend. Many blessings!

  3. Pamela

    I am passionate about encouragement (I call it sheltering). It’s a command many overlook. I love that you gave specific ideas for encouragement. Thank you, Julie, for this excellent article.

    • Julie

      Hi Pamela! Thanks for visiting! Sounds like we both have a heart for encouragement! I don’t believe one can ever receive too much. God bless you this day, new friend!


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