What I Learned This Week – September 20

by | Sep 20, 2014 | Love Others, personal journey

What I learnedAnother week has come and gone. It was a beautiful week, filled with both opportunities and challenges, moments of inspiration and discouragement, times of joy and also woe. Arriving at the end of the week, this girl is thankful for the many blessings throughout.

As the weeks tend to speed by, I’m doing all I can to capture special moments and appreciate the simple things in life.

Some days I do that well. Others, not so much.

This week was a full one on this blog. I wrote about hope in the hard daysmy mom’s birthday, a song that changed my attitude, living or existing through life, a day in photos, and the word hold. It wasn’t quite as active on my other blog, Live Laugh Linger.

To finish off the week, I’m sharing…

What I learned this week…

High school football is more exciting than I figured it would be. I love football, so I should have known. Last night I attended my first-ever high school game (even though it was only for the last quarter), and it was as if I was stepping into a whole new, unknown world, walking in the gate. It was Homecoming and we won! Pics to come soon!

football gameEven after 22 years of marriage, date night is still a fun adventure. We had a lovely night out last night, complete with dinner outdoors, live music, and ending the night at the football game.

Being an involved aunt in my nephews’ and nieces’ lives is important. And a whole lot of fun. I attended my nephew’s middle school football game this week and was blessed to see the smile on his face as he hugged me afterwards. He appreciated me being there, which made it extra-special. Plus he’s my Godson, so that made it extra-extra-special.

Julie Bennett edited

It’s easy to slip into existing through life and not really living it. God awakened something inside of me this week, and I shared it in Wednesday’s post. I believe I was slipping into existence mode, and He brought it to my attention. I’m so thankful to have a passion and desire to pursue my dream again!

Friends who encourage you are priceless, even if they’re ones you’ve never met in person. Some of my biggest encouragers are whom I’ve become friends with online through our blogs. One of the most priceless pieces of encouragement I received this week was from one of them… “You’re a talented writer & faithful online friend.” She really has no idea how I needed to read her words.


I pray your week was filled with all sorts of blessings!

I’d love to read what you learned this week! Please share below.

Thank you again for journeying through this life with me. It’s a joy to share it all with you!

Happy Saturday!



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  1. R. Rodgers

    Dinner outdoors with live music is my kind of evening! Now, how is it that this is your first ever high school football game?!

    • Julie

      Great question!! Our small high school didn’t have football. When our daughter was in high school, it wasn’t something I was ever interested in, and she was more involved in volleyball than with football. Now since it’s my son’s senior year, even though he doesn’t play football, I thought I should check it out, as it could be my very last chance to do so. So glad we did!


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