It’s that time of week again! Time for Five Minute Friday! A number of us take five minutes and write our hearts out each week on a one word prompt. The writing may not be perfect, and that’s okay. We free-write and share it at Kate Motaung’s place. It’s one of the most fun places to visit. And one of the coolest things is we all encourage one another in our writing. It’s so fun! We’d love to have you join the fun! Or write for five minutes in the comment section below.

This week’s word:



I hold myself back.

I know I do.

I think back to the girl I used to be.

I used to go “all out.” I wasn’t afraid of failure. I didn’t even think about that word. It’s wasn’t a part of my vocabulary. I just did what I needed to do to achieve what was on my heart.

So what happened?

What happened to that girl? The girl who never held anything back is now holding more back than she realizes.


Maybe it’s because life has beaten her up. People have “beaten” her up. She’s bruised. She’s wounded. No wonder she holds back.

But she’s not beyond healing. She may be knocked down, but she’s most definitely not knocked out.

knocked down but not out

Something happened this week. The post I wrote Wednesday, was God-inspired. More than I even realized at the time I wrote it. But He spoke to me loud and clear through the words He gave me.

I was settling into living small. I was holding myself back.

And let me tell you, I’m done with that.

There couldn’t be a more appropriate word for me this week. Hold.

The sleeping giant inside of me has reawakened. Keeping my eyes on God, there’s nothing to hold me back. He’s got big plans for this life, and I’m going to go all out to follow His lead.

There’s nothing to hold me back any longer.

Philippians 413

What’s holding you back from your God-given dreams? Friend, don’t hold back any longer. Today’s a new day. You can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you! Go for it!



Whew! I got on a roll there. God has big things for each of our lives. May we hold nothing back in pursuing Him to find out what those things are! Don’t hold a thing back. Go all out in pursuing your God-given dream! I’m lifting you in prayer today.

Thanks for hanging out with me today!


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