What I Learned This Week – January 24

by | Jan 24, 2015 | personal journey

Hi friend! I hope your week was great. As your journeyed through your week, did you learn anything?What I learned

It’s a good time for our segment on the blog: What I Learned This Week.

Did you learn a new skill? A lesson? An important truth about yourself or about God? Did you learn something about your child?

A couple truths I learned (or was reminded of) this week:

It’s good to let go of negative influences.

We don’t have to look far to find negative influences, do we? They seem to be everywhere.

influence:  the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others

The negative influences in your life might be very different than mine. It might be an unhealthy habit, the doom and gloom in the news, or quite possibly a destructive person. Oftentimes, we don’t even notice how damaging they are, because they’ve been a part of our life for so long. I had an eye-opening experience this week where I was forced to take a hard look at some of these, and I knew it was time to make a change. It was time to walk away.

Walk away from something negative

Is there something negative in your life in which you know is not the best for you? Would it be beneficial to walk away from it, to make room for something much better? 

Are we living God’s best for us? If not, it might be time to make a change. 

Making positive changes in our lives blesses not only us, but everyone around us. And, it glorifies God, too!


It’s important to make others feel special.

I freshened up my look yesterday, with lighter highlights in my hair and a haircut. (Oh, those pesky strands of gray!) My stylist and I are working towards a new style for me. It’s going to take some time, but unless I give up early, we’ll get there.

I got to thinking as I sat in the salon chair, what a blessing my hairstylist is to me. She’s someone I choose to do life with. There are hundreds of stylists in our area, but yet I choose her. Why? Because she makes time for me. She makes me laugh. She makes me feel beautiful. She listens. She encourages me. She’s genuine interested in my life. And I’m genuinely interested in hers.

Make others feel special

Do I make others feel the way she makes me feel? I hope so. The spark was reignited within me to make each person in my space feel special. Somehow. Some way. To make a positive impact.

There’s my word again. IMPACT.


And of course, I already shared what I learned about spending time with God in Tuesday’s post. Our vehicle is still working just fine, by the way. That entire story still makes me smile.

What have you learned this week? Would you care to share?? I’d love to read it below. 

May each of us be applying what we learned, not only today, but in the days to come!

God bless you!


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  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    What I learned was a bit hard; my biological mother died a few days ago, and my response was…flat. The relationship was completely estranged, but still…it’s a unique connection, now gone, and I wondered at my own humanity.

    To counter that, I looked back into the body of evidence, of what I’ve done, that indeed, I’m not a callous cad. It was simply that not every family belongs on a Hallmark card, and not every ending is happy.

    Sometimes it’s just an ending.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Andrew, I appreciate you sharing this. I’m sorry to read about your biological mother’s passing. I can see how this would cause you to ponder many things, including your own humanity. We can rest in the truth God is with us, even when we don’t have the answers, and even when, as you wrote, sometimes it’s just an ending. Praying for your heart to rest in Him today.

  2. Beth (@SimplyBeth3)

    I really loved what you shared about making others feel special. Such a great reminder and one I needed. Blessings to you, friend. xoxo

    • Julie Lefebure

      Beth, thank you for your encouraging presence here! I appreciate you and thank God for you today. Can’t wait to meet you in person, hopefully soon!

  3. Betsy

    Hi Julie, That’s great that your hair dresser is such a positive influence on you! It’s true that people who treat us as if we’re special encourage us to no end! I want to do that for others too!

    What I learned yesterday: No need to worry, even when you have a million things to do. With God at your side, He’ll lead you through each one and renew your joy in the process. At church, I’d asked for prayer because I felt a bit anxious over not having enough time this week to prepare for a message I’ll share on Sunday. A friend prayed simply, “Lord, give her the faith she needs.” It worked! He did!

    • Julie Lefebure

      That’s amazing, Betsy! I’m so glad God answered your friend’s prayer. Thank you for sharing it. I’m walking right beside you in learning the same thing (again). What joy is ours when worry doesn’t have a place in our lives. And when we have great friends who encourage us! As you do for me often. God bless you, sweet friend!


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