Keep On Keeping On

by | Aug 5, 2014 | Encouragement, Love Others

Could you use some encouragement today?

You’ve been faithful. You’ve been diligent. You are doing the things you need to do. You’re not giving up, nor giving in.

Yet, you see no results.

Does anyone notice your hard work? The time you’ve taken to train, to work on your skills, to hone your craft, to improve your effort.

You’re putting yourself out there. You’re going above and beyond. You’re doing more than what’s expected. You’re serving wholeheartedly.

You’ve desired this thing for so long, and now quite possibly, you’re questioning if it will ever come to pass.

You’re not a quitter, yet you question.

You’re a finisher, yet you might be a bit frustrated.

You’re a winner, yet you’re feeling a little weary.

Is it all worth it?

My friend, let me say it plainly…

YES, it’s worth it!

No one may notice the effort you’re putting forth, but God does. If He’s called you to it, He’ll equip you through it. What you’re doing isn’t going unnoticed, even if it may seem like it is.

Your blessing is right around the corner.

Objects in mirror

I snapped this photo last October through the passenger side rear-view mirror as we were on the highway to Indianapolis.

It wasn’t until I looked at the photo a few minutes later when I realized the words on the mirror displayed a powerful message on the bottom of the photo.

You see, that evening we were embarking on dream come true for our family, and namely for our son. We were on our way to our first Indianapolis Colts game. The dream of watching “his team” in person came true, just when he thought it might never happen. It was closer than he ever thought it was.

And the same goes for you, and for me.

What we’re working for, the dream that’s in our hearts, is closer than it appears, my friend. And it’s absolutely glorious.

Hang in there. Keep doing what you’re doing. Remain steadfast. Remain diligent. You won’t be disappointed. When we’re ready, God will bring it. In His time. In His way. We can count on it.

Praying you are encouraged, and praying you keep on keeping on!


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