It’s That Time of Year Again…

by | Apr 26, 2009 | family, just for fun, spring

I love the season of Spring! This week has been a busy one around our home…literally around our home. We live “in the country,” and I guess one might say we live “on a farm.” Even though Bill no longer farms with his family as he once did, his family still does, and they farm the ground around our home.

This year soybeans will be planted in the fields that surround us, which will be planted in a few weeks. But our family planted corn in the field farther behind our home this week. I caught myself being just a little excited as I saw the tractor with planter in tow coming down our road. I was also a little surprised with how big the planter was once it opened up to full width!

I also caught one of our uncles plowing the field ahead of the planter. This tractor makes me smile…the “tires” remind me of an army tank! 🙂 Our neighbor who owns the ground south of our home was disking last weekend, and my brother just down the road from us was also planting corn on Friday! I find it fascinating to watch the planting process, see the crops grow throughout the next few months, then watch the harvesting take place. We are blessed to be surrounded by farm ground where we can witness it all first-hand!

I’m thankful today for the hard-working farmers throughout our country, who sometimes seem to get forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life. Where would we be without them? I know it takes commitment, an extreme amount of faith and trust, and a whole lot of hard work! Our family and neighborhood is full of farmers, and this reminds me to make an effort to take time to appreciate them this week!
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