Progressive Band Concert

by | Apr 24, 2009 | This Lefe Family

Ali and Zach’s school has an AMAZING band program! Part of that, I feel, is due to the very talented instructors they have, and their passion for teaching students how to be musicians. Another part is that the school administrators and the school’s Music Association really believe in making band, and music in general, a top priority.

As one who loves music…who played the flute and piccolo all through high school in concert band and in marching band (I can still play my flute well today), who was a drum majorette my senior year in high school, who was in every choir I could be in and still sing in our church band today…music is very important to me and I’m glad and very thankful Ali and Zach have more opportunities to excel in music at their school than I did twenty-some years ago! I pray their enthusiasm to play their instruments continues!

Last night was the school’s Progressive Band Concert. All of the school’s bands performed…6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, Concert Band, Symphonic Band and Wind Symphony Band. And at the end of the evening, they all performed together “American the Beautiful.” It is one of my favorite things to attend all school year! I LOVE IT! And last night’s concert lived up to their usual AMAZING performances!

The Progressive Band Concert is held in the high school gym…it’s the only place that can hold 530+ students on one floor. The 6th Grade Band, the biggest band thus far at their school, sat in a half circle shape on the north central part of the floor. The 7th Grade Band sat in the same formation on the northwest part of the floor. The 8th Grade Band, in the same formation, on the northeast part of the floor. Concert Band, in the same formation, sat on the southeast part of the floor, the Symphonic Band in south central part, and the Wind Symphony Band in the southwest part. Those who attended the concert, parents and etc., sat in the stands on the north and south walls…needless to say, the gym was FULL!

Ali plays the flute in Concert Band and Zach plays the trumpet in the 6th Grade Band. They both did a fabulous job and their momma was SO, SO proud! 🙂 Great job Ali & Zach!
P.S. The bottom picture is Zach with his girlfriend for five years, (YES, FIVE YEARS!) Cassidy. 🙂
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