When You Have To Intentionally Look For The Good

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Good News

If there’s ever been a time we could use some good news, it might be today.

There appears to be bad news everywhere we turn. And even though it may seem the bad is winning, and the good is absent, there’s still good news around us.

Today, let’s shine light on the good.

Shine light on the good. When bad surrounds us, sometimes we need to intentionally look for the good.

Let’s intentionally look for the good. Let’s intentionally look for love, joy, peace, kindness, and beauty. Let’s intentionally look for the bright spots, the blue skies, the vibrant flowers. And let’s stop to smell them, while we’re at it.

Let’s allow God to brighten the darkness around us.

Lord, you give light to my lamp. My God brightens the darkness around me. Psalm 18:28

Friend, let’s intentionally look for the good.

What can you and I rejoice in this day? What good news can we share to spread joy and happiness? What hope can we cling to, and how can we encourage others with that hope?

Let’s be about sharing our good news with others, and spur them on to do the same. Let’s start with sharing our good news here.

I’ll go first.

Yesterday my husband and I, and part of our story, was featured in an article about why we RAGBRAI in the Des Moines paper, the Register. That was a whole lot of fun. To read it, click here. We are busily getting ready for the week-long ride which will begin on Sunday. I’m excited and a bit nervous, all at the same time. Those emotions will intensity as the week progresses. Your prayers for us are welcomed and appreciated!

Saturday we witnessed a beautiful marriage ceremony of two wonderful people. The love they share for each other, for others in their lives, and for God was on display for all to see. It did my heart good to see so much love. Wouldn’t you agree, this world can use all the love we can possibly shower it with?!

Today is a new day. A new week. Filled with all sorts of opportunities, possibilities, and potential. I look forward to seeing what God has planned, and what good He is going to bring out of darkness. I look forward to living in His love, and showing that love to others. I look forward to walking with Him through the adventure of it all.

Now it’s your turn.

What good news can you share today? I’d love to read it and celebrate with you. Your words might be the uplifting encouragement someone else needs.

Have a blessed day, my friend. You are loved!


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