When Good News Is Found In Gratefulness

by | Jul 4, 2016 | Good News

Good news makes you feel better. Your happiness will show in your eyes. Proverbs 15:30 NCV

Saturday we broke a spoke on our tandem bicycle, and our bike training has been paused until it’s fixed.

Yesterday our lawn mower quit working, after two flat tires on it this week, so our yard is half-mowed.

These are the kinds of things that frustrate me. These small, unexpected bumps on the journey of life. Let me tell you, I could do without them.

Have any bumps on your road lately?

You may understand how I feel. After a number of them in a row, discouragement can creep in pretty fast, and I can begin to wonder what’s next to go wrong. Maybe you also know from experience it can be difficult to be grateful when you’re in the middle of a broken mess.

But, gratefulness is exactly what can snap me out of discouragement.

We start out each week sharing good news here. So, in thinking what I could share today, good news wasn’t the first thing on my mind. Until I looked around. Until I was reminded of all of the good in my life. Thank you, God!

Good news is all around us. Do we see it?

My faith. My family. The freedom we share in this country. The freedom we have in Christ. The health and happiness and all God has blessed me with. My friends. My job. Where we live. Goodness, there’s so much.

What’s broken can’t begin to touch the good God has given.

What a difference gratefulness makesWhat a difference gratefulness makes!

Friend, it’s your turn. What good news is around you? What are you grateful for? Even when life is filled with bumps in the road, and when things break down, and when discouragement tries to set in, what good do you see?

Let’s focus on the good.

And, let’s cheer each other on with it. I invite you to share yours below.

Because of our broken bike and broken mower, we were forced today to rest. No biking. No mowing. Nothing but spending time with some precious people in my life. And, I even took a nap!

Maybe broken things aren’t so bad after all.

Thank you for stopping by. It’s a joy to journey through this life alongside of you!

Much love,




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  1. betsydecruz

    oh this encourages me, friend! During our time stateside, it seemed like we had a long string of “broken things.” Then since we returned, it’s continued, but you’re reminding me that gratefulness is key to keeping my eyes focused on the blessings that come with my Savior! I’m grateful for the wonderful celebration with friends we had yesterday, and for a wonderful husband and great kids!!! (And for you!) #RaRaLinkup

    • Julie Lefebure

      Hi Sweet Betsy! I’m thankful for you, too! The photos you shared on Facebook looked wonderful. I have been thinking of you and praying for you. May gratefulness fill your heart and mine, and may it spill out into the lives of others. Hugs to you, friend!

  2. Kristi Woods

    Great way to start the week, Julie. You’re right, what’s broken certainly can’t begin to touch God’s goodness. Visiting today via #raralinkup and #testimonyTuesday. Hope that bike is fixed soon and you’re back pedalling the roads of Iowa.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Hey Kristi! Thank you, friend. Tire was fixed today, and we’ll be back out on the bike soon. Yay! I appreciate you stopping over and sharing. It’s a joy to have you here. Much love to you!

  3. helloredds

    Amen! Thank you for the great reminder to be grateful, Julie!
    You are so right – it’s impossible to be whiny and grateful at the same time.
    Hope you get all of those tires fixed and have a sweet day today~

    • Julie Lefebure

      Hi Melanie! Gratefulness is a beautiful gift. Glad we can share it too! Blessings to you this week!

  4. christy mobley

    More and more I’m realizing the impact gratefulness has on my mental outlook. I kind of wrote on the same thing today. No coincidence in that!

    • Julie Lefebure

      That’s for sure, Christy. I’ll be over soon to read yours. Bless you!

  5. Lux G.

    I’m one huge believer in the amazing power of a grateful heart.
    Hope you had a wonderful 4th.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Hi Lux! We did have a wonderful 4th. Hope you did too!

  6. Lori Schumaker of Seaching for Moments

    Oh, how easy it is to spin into the cycle of frustration when things go wrong! Even tonight I let myself sink there for a bit when somehow my daughters pajama bottoms grew legs and walked off. No where to be found. Such an irrelevant thing, yet in the moment I was in a tizzy looking for those silly things!!! If we keep our eyes on all there is to be grateful for, there is truly so much good news!
    Thanks so much, Julie, for sharing this hope! There is hope when we simply change our focus! I love having you contribute to #MomentsofHope! Your heart and hope are a treasure!


    • Julie Lefebure

      Hi Lori! I hope by now the pajama bottoms have reappeared! It’s those little (yet big) things that seem to frustrate me the most. Changing our focus makes all the difference. Thank you for sharing this example here. So timely! Hope your week is going well. Blessings to you!


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