I Saw God Today…Unlike Never Before!

by | Feb 25, 2009 | God, Jill G.

You know that song by George Straight, “I Saw God Today”? I love that song… and today I got to see God unlike never before…

I’m shaking as I type this…as I replay my day in my mind. I’m feeling very humbled, honored, privileged, unworthy and a little overwhelmed as I think of how I was a part of God’s plan today. This post may be a little longer than most…please bear with me as I share my story of today.

My friend Jill G. and I have gotten to be pretty good friends. Our sons play on the same soccer team, and have for a few years together. Her and her husband, Brian are always so much fun to spend time with! Our sons also go to the same school, so many times, Jill and I back each other up taking and picking up the kids from school.

Jill called me at 8am today, saying she was sick and asking if I could take Alex to school. She sounded awful, and could hardly finish a sentence. She said a couple of times, “Something is wrong.” I said I would be there in a few minutes since we were already en-route. Something told me to call Brian at work, (I now know that was a nudge from God) and because of soccer, I had his cell phone number programmed in my phone. After asking him if he talked to Jill this morning, and finding out he didn’t, and after sharing with him my conversation with Jill, he said he would start to make his way home.

When I arrived to their home, Alex met me at the door, and I asked him where his mom was. When I got to her, she was passed out on the floor. I remember feeling panicked and feeling a rush of adrenaline all at the same time. I knew enough to roll her on her side, I knelt behind her to keep her there. Trying to keep Alex calm, which he was, I called Brian, explained what was going on and asked if he thought I should call 911. Brian is a fireman. He knows a whole lot more about medical stuff than I do. He said to wait…he’d be home in just a few minutes.

Those few minutes seemed like hours. I continued to stay calm for Alex. He was strong, but I could tell he was worried. Bill came and took the kids to school as I called the school to let them know what was going on and that the kids would be late. I called my sister-in-law to let her know I wouldn’t be at Bible study. I kept talking to Jill, but she remained unresponsive. I kept an eye on her breathing…I do know how to do CPR and began running through the steps in my mind, just in case I needed to do it. She came to once, looked at me as if I was a stranger, got sick, then passed out again. Calling Brian a second time, I was a little more panicked. He said he was almost home. I continued to talk to Jill, and to rub her back lightly since I was still holding her on her side.

I was so happy to hear Brian finally pull up. Jill’s mother came also. Brian lifted Jill up over his shoulder, took her to their vehicle and took off to the hospital. Her mother followed. Brian obviously knew what he was doing! They made it quicker to the hospital than an ambulance probably would have from where they live. I stayed after to clean up, made sure the dog was okay, then went to the hospital myself.

The doctors did a CT scan which showed bleeding on Jill’s brain. They suspected a brain aneurysm. We were all shocked!! Brian thought Jill might have the flu, and as a fireman, he had taken three other people with the same symptoms to the hospital just this week alone. I thought she was maybe having a migraine. NEVER did we think something like a brain aneurysm! There are no neurosurgeons at that hospital, and the closest ones were at the University Hospital approximately 30 miles away. They rushed Jill, with Brian at her side, to the University in an ambulance.

A few of us followed, and arrived with the news that Jill’s condition got worse on her trip down. There was now pressure on her brain and they needed to go in and remove the pressure. In doing so, they found the aneurysm and were going to go in through an artery (if I remember correctly) to stop it in a different procedure. She made it through the surgery okay, and at that point, I needed to leave to pick up Ali from school for a doctor appointment. I haven’t heard anything since.

It is starting to sink in that God placed me in Jill’s life this morning to help save her life. If one thing would have been out of place this morning, Jill might not be here now. I am overwhelmed with those thoughts!! How scary it was to see her so unresponsive, yet I still knew God was in control and I trusted him. For a moment, I felt as if her life was in God’s hands–as always–and in mine! That was even more scary for me! And for 12 year old Alex, my heart goes out to him tonight. How brave he was this morning, yet how scared he must have been! Brian responded quickly and calmly, and I’m amazed he was able to get to their home as quickly as he did!

I am so thankful this evening. I’m thankful for my healthy family, my extended family, my church family, my friends, my clients…for so many people in my life. I’m thankful for Jill, Brian and Alex and their family members I was able to spend the day with, supporting them and loving them. I’m thankful God used me this morning to help save a life.

I don’t know what the future holds for Jill, or for any of us for that matter, but I know GOD IS IN THIS! I’m excited to see what good He is going to bring from this trauma! Please add Jill to your prayers…for God’s healing, God’s supernatural strength, peace that surpasses all understanding, and for Jill, Brian and Alex to feel God’s presence!

I will keep you updated! God is so good! Thank you, God for saving Jill’s life today!

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