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It is with great sadness and many tears that I am writing this today. Jill passed away this afternoon at 12:20.

My heart is broken. My friend is gone. My life here on this earth will never be the same.

So much has happened since Wednesday. My life has been a whirlwind, but nothing in comparison to what Jill’s husband, Brian and son, Alex have experienced these last three days. I’ll try to share the short version…

The tube to drain Jill’s brain wasn’t releasing the pressure off her brain as it was supposed to on Wednesday night, so the doctors put in another tube on the other side. This didn’t seem to work either. On Thursday they put her in a medically induced coma, which would hopefully reduce the pressure. By Friday morning, the CT scan showed several strokes had taken place in Jill’s brain, and that there was much brain damage. The pressure on her brain was still severe. It was decided to take Jill off life support yesterday, after bringing her out of the coma. She passed away this afternoon.

We received the news yesterday afternoon that Jill would be taken off life support. This was devastating for all of us–the kids and I were driving home at the time and cried in disbelief and grief all the way home. We went down to the hospital to be with the family last night. I’m glad Zach was able to reach out to his buddy Alex, and we were all able to reach out to Jill’s entire family. Bill and I were also able to see Jill. She looked so beautiful still, even with many tubes and wires attached to her body. As we were standing by her bedside, I couldn’t comprehend that just two mornings ago she called me to see if I could take Alex to school, and now here I was standing by her side, knowing this would be the last time I would see her alive.

Jill was an incredible woman. She was the most wonderful mother and wife. I would sometimes watch her in awe. She loved her family so much and they all knew it. She was fun, outgoing and I enjoyed every moment I spent with her…whether it was on the soccer field sidelines, out to dinner, walking on the high school track during soccer practice or talking on the phone. She was a great friend. We spent time together as a family. We felt like family!

This tragedy is something no one can understand. Losing Jill is going to be difficult for so many people, especially for Brian and Alex. I can’t imagine the loss they are feeling now. They have many, many people who love and care for them, who I know will help them in any way, but no one will ever be able to take the place of Jill. I know God is still in this. I trust Him, even though I don’t understand. I know He will bring good out of this, somehow, someway.

Unfortunately, I know the grieving process well. I began going through the pain of it again yesterday and today it feels unbearable. And to be very real and honest…I HATE IT! Yet, it’s something that’s necessary to go through when losing someone you love. This is going to be very hard for me…harder than I first realized. I will lean on my God, who loves me and who will never leave me or forsake me. I’ll need my family and friends. And it will help reaching out to Brian, Alex and the rest of Jill’s family in the midst of their sorrow too.

Will you please pray for Jill’s family, especially for Brian and Alex? I don’t even know what to ask that you pray for except for God to hold them in the palm of His hand during this time.

Jill was a beautiful child of God. I will miss her immensely!

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