I Saw God Today #2

by | Jan 29, 2009 | God

I saw God again today…

I saw God in a way of provision today. I was at my friend Tina’s home…their home was destroyed by the flood in June. When I walked into their “new” home (it’s the same house, but completely new), I saw how God has given them EVERYTHING they’ve needed to restore their home and make it even more incredible than it was before the flood! There’s no way they could have done what they did without God providing for them and their every need. I was completely blown away…humbled to even step foot into their home. What a testimony their story is of God’s faithfulness and love!

They hope to begin living back in their home this weekend. It’ll be fun to move them back in, especially since I helped them move out before the flood hit. I’ll have Tina share some stories with us after they get settled and life calms down for them a bit!

His fingerprints are everywhere…if we take the time to look. 🙂

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