Lots of Lefebures!

by | Aug 5, 2009 | family, just for fun, summer

When you think of family reunions, what comes to mind? I always enjoy reconnecting with family, but I used to consider family reunions somewhat boring…that was until I experienced my first Lefebure Family Reunion back in 1991, eighteen years ago! Believe it or not, that reunion was one of the most fun events I have ever experienced in my life! That was one reunion, for many reasons, which many Lefebures will NEVER forget! 🙂

Over this past weekend hundreds of Bill’s family converged on this area for this year’s Lefebure Family Reunion which happens every three years. It was a weekend we had been looking forward to since the last reunion in 2006! Family from all across the country came! The festivities began Friday when most of the family gathered at the local hotel where family members from out of town were staying. The kids swam in the pool, the adults caught up with each other, we were treated to some great Carfagna sausage (brats) sandwiches, and corn on the cob! It was so great to see everyone again!

Saturday morning some of the men went golfing while some of us met downtown for the Farmer’s Market. It was such a fun and beautiful morning! It was our first time at the Farmer’s Market, and I certainly want to go back! We all went to Bill’s cousin, Kevin’s pond in the afternoon. The kids swam again and the adults relaxed…and ate again! (This whole weekend was filled with food!) Early evening was a potluck at the Legion Hall where the entire family ate together, and for the first time had a silent auction to help cover expenses. Bill and I bid on and ended up getting a picture of our first home after we were married, the old Lefebure homestead where Bill’s grandfather was raised. 🙂 How cool! The evening ended at “The Shop” at the farm with music, homemade ice cream, fireworks and a great time!

Sunday everyone gathered for church at 11am. Priest Leo Lefebure gave a beautiful service, and it was nice for everyone to be together in church. We had a potluck in the church basement, and it was fun to resurrect the Lefebure talent show afterwards! The Pillow People were a hit! 🙂 We said goodbye to those who were leaving town to go back home…some left right after the meal and some stayed until Monday. We ended the reunion going back to the farm, we enjoyed shaved ice and lemonades from a neighbor who brought his shaved ice/lemonade stand over, and finished with another meal. 🙂

A wonderful time was had by all! The weekend went by so fast, but it was so fun! The weather could not have been more beautiful! It was a weekend we’ll remember for a very long time, and we look forward to the next Lefebure Reunion in 2012! (Ali reminded me she’ll be graduated from high school by then! Ugh!) 🙂 I love this family and am so thankful for them!

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