87. How to Thrive in Difficult Circumstances

by | Apr 4, 2023 | Podcast

Life on earth is not always easy, right? We often experience difficult circumstances that are beyond our control. Sometimes these circumstances try to derail us or discourage us. But we want to not just survive these circumstances, we desire to thrive in and through them! Right? Our encouragement today comes from how God instructed a certain group of people to thrive in their own difficult circumstances.

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It’s Jeremiah 29:4-14. Here, the prophet Jeremiah wrote a letter to the people of Jerusalem who had been exiled to Babylon. You can find this in the show notes, as I read it in the episode.

In this text God instructs them how to thrive in their difficult circumstances.

God’s people were taken captive and forced to go from their home, Jerusalem, to a foreign land, Babylon. Imagine their hardship taken from the Land of Promise they knew, to be strangers in an unfamiliar land. Let alone the journey to get there. Can you image how they desired to return home?

Maybe this sounds a bit familiar, and maybe you can somewhat relate. Possibly you are in a new, strange city or in an unfamiliar job. Maybe you know the feeling of captivity, where nothing is familiar. Possibly your life has changed drastically, and you long for what used to be.

Or, maybe you haven’t moved and things haven’t changed at all. And because of this, you feel stuck in your current circumstances. Life feels as if it’s passing you by at lightning speed. You question your purpose, the meaning of your life, and you question if you’re just here taking up space.  

Or, you see others succeeding and prospering and achieving. You can’t help but wonder, why not me? When is it my turn, God?

No matter where we find ourselves today, find encouragement in this.

God has us right where He wants us.

We look at the hope available to us right now and what we can learn from this passage. Additionally, I share five ideas to thrive in our difficult circumstances.

Click on the player above to listen to the full 15-minute episode.

God doesn’t leave us in our difficult circumstances. Thankfully, He comes alongside of us and walks with us through them. No matter what you may be experiencing today, I pray God continues to encourage your heart through this example in His Word. Keep your eyes fixed on Him as you bless the world around you. God bless you!

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