119. How to Slow Your Go and Unbusy Your Life

by | Nov 14, 2023 | Podcast

When someone asks how you are, how do you typically respond? Maybe with something like, “I’m busy. How are you?” Or how often do you tell yourself or others how busy you are? Today is a good day to step back and take a look at our busyness and just what we’re busy doing. Here’s your opportunity to ponder how to slow your go and unbusy your life.

How to Slow Your Go and Unbusy Your Life | women's hiking boots walking on leaf-covered ground with sunbeams

As I record this episode, we’re just nine days away from Thanksgiving, and typically, this holiday tends to usher in what’s coined, “the most wonderful time of the year.” I love the holiday season, and I look forward to it each year. But many also term this season the busiest time of year. If there’s ever a time to be proactive in our intention to slow down and unbusy our lives, it’s now.

That’s easier said than done, though, isn’t it?

I dedicate one full chapter in my new book, Right Now Matters: Empowering Right-Now Women in a Culture of Distraction, to this subject–Chapter 3. Our busyness is negatively affecting all we do, and the reality is many of us are too busy to live the lives God has graciously given us. We’re too busy to notice not only His blessings in our lives, but also the beauty of the moments He gives us.

We are a distracted people, and busyness is one of our biggest distractions. But we live in this culture of distraction, so it’s no wonder we’re distracted on any given day. Whether it’s pinballing from one thing to another, or we’re attempting to multitask, or we’re adding more thing to our already packed-filled plates, busyness is our result.

What are we busy doing anyway?

I share truths about busyness, and prompts to ponder regarding our lives right now. Plus three Scriptures encourage us in the quest to add more peace and joy into our lives.

Is it time to slow your go and unbusy your life?

Click the player above to listen to the full 15-minute episode.

In closing, imagine your life filled with peace, and joy, and much less stress. This is the life that awaits you as you partner with God to live it less busy. I am praying for you in this today as you slow your go and unbusy your life. God has good plans in store for you. Thanks again for tuning in today. God bless you!

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