67. The Distraction Of Busyness says, “Be Busier”

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Podcast

We’ve been discussing life’s distractions lately here on the podcast, because I believe these distractions are more than we think they are. Not only are they snatching our attention from the moment, but more importantly they are luring us away from what’s God’s best for us. The distraction we’re discussing today is a familiar one for many. It’s the distraction of busyness. If you’ve felt the pull of busy lately, friend you’re not alone. And get ready, because at the time of this episode’s airing, the busiest season of the year is just about to hit us. But the distraction of busyness doesn’t have to be the boss of us.

The Distraction of Busyness Says, "Be Busier" | woman sitting with head on a full desk

“I am so busy.”

I’m guessing you’ve heard those words or said them recently. Am I right? I used to be the queen of busy. So, I understand busy. And I wore it like a badge of honor. And when people asked how I was, I always replied with my typical answer. “I’m busy.”

Maybe you can relate. You feel busy, you can’t get ahead, and you continually feel like you’re falling behind. Your family knows your busy. Your friends see your busyness. And you don’t have the time to do all you want to do. To-do lists and your calendar control your life. And you consistently tell yourself, “There’s got to be more to life than this.”

So, years ago I removed the word BUSY from my vocabulary. Because busy was turning me into someone I was never meant to be. Busy was overwhelming my schedule and my life. So, I stopped describing myself as busy and stopped saying the word all together.

The distraction of busyness impacts our emotional and physical health in negative ways.

We discuss that in this episode, along with ways to remove this distraction from our lives. I also share a couple Bible verses to encourage our hearts.

Click on the player above to listen to the full 15-minute episode.

The distraction of busyness says, “Be busier.” But God says, “Come to me and I will give you rest.”

Which voice will we listen to this week? Which voice will we pay attention to? Because the choice is ours. Thank you for joining me here today. I’m grateful for you and for your presence. Have a great, peace-filled week. God bless you!

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Encouragement for Real Life Podcast, Episode 67, The Distraction of Busyness Says, "Be Busier"
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