46. How Tandem Bicycling Is A Little Like Following God

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Podcast

Are you more of a leader or a follower? Neither answer is right or wrong, but some of us are just simply wired one way or another. Well, in this episode, I share some of my experience of tandem bicycling and how that relates to following, and more specifically, following God. If you’re not into bicycling, that’s completely fine, you don’t need to be. Because that’s not the focus on this episode. But we’ll find some help and hope and a whole lot of encouragement in this episode on how we can follow God wholeheartedly in our every day lives.

How Tandem Bicycling Is a Little Like Following God | man and woman on a tandem bicycle

Remember that lively and fun game we used to play as kids? Follow the Leader? Where everyone does what the leader does, or at least tries to?

Well, my husband and I are tandem bicyclists and we are training for a big bicycle ride across our state the end of July, called RAGBRAI. And lately I feel like I’m following the leader on the back of our tandem. Because I simply just follow where Bill leads. I don’t have another option. In tandem bicycling, the Captain, the front person, leads. The Stoker, the back person, follows. So, I’m having lots of experience playing this childhood game!

The other evening on our tandem, however, I had this revelation.

Tandem bicycling is a little like following God.

How? Well, as we discussed in last week’s episode, episode 45, life is one big adventure with God. In this life I can easily picture in my mind each of us on a tandem bike ride with God. As our Captain, He takes us on all sorts of adventures and expeditions. Our Captain steers, brakes, shifts gears, and warns us of what’s ahead. 

You and I, as the Stoker, get to partner with God in pedaling, paying attention, and capturing some amazing moments along the way. It may not be easy at first, but the more experience riding with God, the more we realize how trustworthy of a Captain He is. Over time we learn to follow His ways and His rhythm.

God cares that we arrive to our destination safely and securely. And He’ll do everything He can to make that happen.

In this episode, I share a few Bible verses that encourage us when it comes to following God, and I also add five things we can do to help us in our following our “Captain,” God.

Click on the player above to listen to the full 14-minute episode.

It’s a good day to thank God for leading us on this adventure and that we don’t have to find our way on our own. Enjoy the journey, my friend, and keep peddling! God bless you!

Links in the episode:

Episode 45, Life Is One Big Adventure with God
John 8:12 CEV
Deuteronomy 13:4 MSG
Psalm 37:23 NCV
Proverbs 3:5-6 MSG
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Encouragement for Real Life Podcast, Episode 46, How Tandem Bicycling Is a Little Like Following God
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