He’s Not Done With Us Yet

by | Mar 21, 2014 | personal journey

coffee 03 editedThere we were, an unlikely-looking pair, sitting in a booth across from each other at a local cafeteria.

I met this friend years ago, and from the moment we shared our first conversation, God opened a place in my heart for him. A “brotherly love” kind of place. It was one I didn’t understand at the time, but was one I couldn’t ignore.

He was a lost and searching soul, trying to understand a God he didn’t really know. But we would talk about deep stuff like God’s sovereignty and love, Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, and how all of this fit into our lives personally. He would ask questions that would take me deeper in my faith and knowledge of scripture to show him truth. I marveled at how God would always give me His words.

This wasn’t a one-way street, however, as God used this friend to minister to me. One day in particular is still vivid in my memory. He left the building upset, and as minutes passed, I couldn’t shake the feeling he was going to do something to hurt himself. I drove until I found him a few blocks away. As I read between the lines after picking him up, I became thankful I followed that “hunch” and found him. It was clear God was unfolding in front of me opportunities that weren’t going to remain in the four walls of the ministry I was familiar with.

So, there we were, three months after I left that ministry. I’m sure we looked like opposite ends of the spectrum, if you consider attire and attitude. But none of that mattered. This was the second time we met for coffee. In front of me was a different man than when we met a month ago. His language had changed. His demeanor had changed. He mentioned how he was angry at God. As I sat and listened, I was throwing up silent prayers, asking God to touch and soften his heart. His addiction seemed to be on the winning end of the battle he’s in, at least for now.

I couldn’t help but have compassion on him. Again, God gave me the words. And again, God encouraged me in this friend’s presence… He’s not done with me yet. 

We finished our coffee, and agreed to meet again soon.

I will continue to pray for my friend. I was reminded again…

— If we’re still on this earth, God’s not done with us yet. —

May we be aware of the opportunities He puts in front of us–over coffee or somewhere else–to encourage another on their journey. And we’ll end up being the ones encouraged!


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  1. Kelly Blackwell

    Love this. You are so right. As long as there is breath in our bodies, God has a purpose in our lives. He has not abandoned us even when we look like we are lost causes. I pray that the Lord will continue to touch your dear friend’s heart and bring him peace.

    • Julie

      Thank you for praying for my friend, Kelly. He needs it right now. Thank you also for visiting my blog today! Your words were encouragement to me. I hope all is going well with you! God bless you!

  2. Meredith Bernard

    This is such a beautiful example of following Christ lead to love others…even when we don’t share the same “attire or attitude.” I love that. Isn’t it awesome when we see God working in us and through us to help another soul? He is using you. Thank you for being receptive to His call. Praying your friend finds Peace and Truth and so thankful he already found you. Hugs.

    • Julie

      Meredith, thank you. Thank you for your words and for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your heart! This friend of mine is pretty special to me. I believe God has big things ahead for him! I’m sure I’ll be writing about him again soon. Prayers for him are greatly appreciated! Hugs to you today too!


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