Hello Spring!

by | Mar 20, 2014 | This Lefe Family


Can I tell you how happy this makes me??!! Maybe it’s because our winter seemed SO long, that I’m embracing this day like I am. I know we’re not out of the woods yet with cold temps and the possibility of snowflakes falling from the sky before we move into summer, but spring always brings me a sense of hope.

–Winter is over. Spring brings renewed life.–

I love watching the earth come back to life each spring. The snow is melting! We have just a small patch left in our front yard. (Hallelujah!) Soon, the brown, dull grass will be replaced with lush green. The vibrant colors and many varieties will soon appear in our flower beds. And soon we’ll see buds forming on our trees. I was out the other morning, and I heard one of the most beautiful sounds… a lone bird serenading me from the top of one of our evergreens. It truly stopped me in my tracks! I love the sunshine, the longer daylight hours, and the freshness that spring brings with it. It might just be my favorite season.

Did you do anything specific to celebrate this day? I’ll find about any reason to celebrate. Life is too short not to. (Smile.)

My daughter and I treated ourselves to pedicures this afternoon. That’s something we enjoy doing together. We haven’t done so since last fall. It was refreshing to relax with her. And I love my “Charged Up Cherry” nail color! Perfect for this season!

Gone is any trace of winter in our home–except for maybe, my winter boots. They still need to make their way downstairs in storage. Winter decor has been replaced with bright colors of spring. It’s a welcomed sight!

It was 50 degrees today, and on my front steps I found the warmth of the sun, with no wind. I was soon joined by a handful of farm cats, who also wanted to sun themselves. The half-hour spent out there was good for my soul. No rushing. No hurrying. Just “being.” I loved it.front steps

I hope at some point, you are able to take a moment to appreciate this first day of spring. Maybe it’s been a tough day. Maybe winter has taken it’s toll on your spirit or on your heart. Maybe winter has lasted way too long in your life. Today, my friend, is a new day. A fresh start. A new beginning. With renewed hope. I pray God blesses you, especially today, with His encouragement of a new, fresh season in your year, and in your life.

Thank you for journeying with me!

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