Giving Thanks – Days 5 & 6

by | Nov 7, 2010 | thankfulness

Being grateful and giving thanks helps me put things in perspective.  I am enjoying sharing what I’m thankful for each day this month of November.

Yesterday, I was thinking about how thankful I am for Bill’s jobs and my jobs.  We each have two that we receive monetary benefits from.  Bill’s full-time job is much less flexible than mine, and he works not-so-traditional hours.  I find it completely amazing that when Bill was deciding on his major and minor before going to college way back when, he thought he’d minor in Food Technology because some day he could see himself working in the lab at General Mills.  Well…God is so good!  Bill has worked at General Mills for over five years now, I believe, and he was promoted to a new department and to a new position in August in the LAB!  He’s doing what he thought he might be doing 20+ years ago!!  Isn’t that incredible??!!

Bill also has a part-time job which he does on the side (in his not-so-spare time), which can be somewhat flexible.  The money he earns for that is going toward Zach’s 8th grade Washington D.C. trip in the spring. 

I guess you could say I have two full-time jobs…Mission of Hope and Mary Kay.  I am a supervisor during the day at Mission of Hope, and it’s the most humbling “job” I’ve ever had…being used by God to help others in need.  I also have my Mary Kay business which I work around my Mission of Hope schedule.  God promoted me to Sales Director in Mary Kay over 13 years ago, and He has truly blessed our family through my business in so many ways.  The skills I’ve learned through my Mary Kay career have been vital in working with others at Mission of Hope!  I am encouraged how they have been so connected!  The schedule for both gets overwhelming at times, but I’m thankful they can be flexible and I can work both around each other.  I’m very grateful God continues to allow me to do both, and I will until He tells me differently. 🙂
Today is my friend Jeanie’s birthday, and I’m thanking God for her today.  Jeanie came into my life almost 17 years ago through Mary Kay.  This was no accident…God used each of us to help us become who we are today (we are still a work in progress though).  She helped me begin my business, and has been a dear, reliable friend ever since.  We have shared so many things together these last 17 years…we were pregnant at the same time with our daughters, we’ve traveled all over the U.S. together, we’ve been in BSF together for years, we are growing in the Lord together, our parents were sick in the hospital at the same time years ago, her father and my mother passed away in the same month back in 2006, God changed our hearts from having an earthly focus to an eternal focus almost at the same time a few years ago, and etc.  God has continued to take us through similar circumstances and situations at the same time…and I’m so thankful we’ve gone through so much together!  God knew I needed her in my life for many reasons all those years ago!

I love Jeanie.  I love her heart.  I love her love for the Lord.  I love her steady, non-changing, and encouraging friendship.  I love serving the Lord alongside of her in so many ways.  I thank God for Jeanie today.  Happy Birthday, dear friend!

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