Giving Thanks Days 3 & 4

by | Nov 5, 2010 | thankfulness

I ran out of time yesterday to write what I was thankful for, so today I’ll write about both…

Yesterday I was very thankful for Bible Study Fellowship, as we studied lesson 7 in our study of Isaiah.  I would never study the book of Isaiah on my own, as it’s so deep and there are parts my finite brain does not understand.  But with God’s help and with the help of how BSF lays out the lessons, I’m learning so much in Isaiah this year (in only 7 weeks)…and it makes sense to me!  I am absolutely loving it!  God’s Word is so alive to me, and getting a high view of who God is, has been a precious gift!

Today I am thankful for our Mission of Hope leadership retreat days.  The first Thursday of every month, we close the Mission for the staff leadership to have a retreat.  We spend 5-6 hours together, training, learning, sharing and encouraging each other.  It’s a wonderful time together.  We had that today, and I’m so very thankful we did.  It was perfect timing with what we are experiencing at Mission of Hope, and to be able to be equipped to help the people who need the services we provide.  It truly was a great day!

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