Giving Thanks – Day 27

by | Nov 28, 2010 | God's blessings, thankfulness

Today I was very thankful for the sunset we saw as we were almost home driving back from our Thanksgiving trip to Wisconsin Dells.  It was breath-taking!  The more I watched it, the more colors seemed to emerge.  I grabbed my camera and took a couple of pictures through the windshield of our vehichle, which by no means show the beauty of what we saw.  Bill commented, “It’s too bad they don’t last longer (meaning sunsets).”  I agreed with him.  Even Ali and Zach in the back seat commented on how beautiful it was.  We drove in silence for awhile as we watched.

It was a beautiful and perfect ending to our wonderful trip.  I felt like it was a gift God was giving us as we were about to arrive home.  Thank you, God for creating awe-inspiring scenery that we are able to enjoy!  Thank you for blessing us with that beautiful gift on our way home!

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