Giving Thanks #8

by | Nov 9, 2009 | health, thankfulness

I took a long walk this afternoon since it was so nice outside, and as I was walking, I thanked God that He gave me the ability to walk.

We ate lunch out after church, and at the restaurant, there was a couple there with a grown son who was in a motorized wheelchair. I thanked God at that moment for my healthy body, and for giving the ability to do all sorts of activities.

I think we all have a tendency sometimes to take the things God has given us as gifts for granted. Walking is one of those things I’ve taken for granted…until the last several months. I’ve had some issues with my left foot, and after x-rays, an MRI, and other tests, I was diagnosed with a neuroma near the ball of my foot, and tendonitis in the tendon that runs down through my arch. Sometimes it’s painful for me to walk. When I’ve tried to jog, I pay for it afterwards with mild pain. Physical therapy seems to be helping, and staying out of high-heeled shoes has helped too. But walking is something I don’t take for granted anymore.

I’m thanking God tonight that He gave me a healthy body and for giving me the ability to walk. I enjoyed being outside today, using some of the gifts He has given me!
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