Giving Thanks #7

by | Nov 8, 2009 | health, thankfulness

This morning when I was getting ready for my day, I was thanking God for my Mary Kay products that I am blessed to use each morning and night! I once counted how many products I use each morning, and if I remember correctly, it was somewhere around 21! I can honestly say that by using Mary Kay’s skin care for over 15 years, my skin looks and feels better than it did when I was 15 years younger!

Mary Kay continues to lead the way with innovative age-fighting products, and after turning the big 4-0 last December, I’m very interested in fighting the signs of aging as much as I can! I guess the thing I appreciate the most is how the products make my skin feel and look more healthy. The new Replenishing Serum +C is now my new favorite! It helps build collagen in the skin which helps skin to look healthier, helps with elasticity, and feels incredible!

It may be something very small, but my products are something I’m very thankful for today! I look forward to using them tonight, removing my makeup, and taking care of my facial skin before going to bed! It’s practical pampering…every morning and every night! (Please, NEVER go to bed with your makeup on! Please…take my word for it!) 🙂

I love my Mary Kay! 🙂
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