Giving Thanks #28, 29 & 30

by | Dec 1, 2009 | God, thankfulness

Gosh, as the month of November is coming to an end (within the hour), I confess I haven’t done a very good job the last couple of nights sharing what I’m thankful for. So…I’m combining all of them into tonight’s post.

Where has November disappeared to? How can tomorrow be December 1? With every person I’ve had this conversation with, they are feeling exactly the same…November flew by (the entire year is flying by)! It has been a joy for me to share each day what I have been thankful for this month…for 30 days. It will be something I can always look back on and appreciate.

For the last three days, I have been reliving in my mind our Thanksgiving trip. My brother Pat and his family and our family decided to take a road trip together over Thanksgiving. We’ve never done that before (over Thanksgiving). Since my parents are deceased, and since Bill’s parents were in Arizona over Thanksgiving, we thought it would be the perfect time to get away and have some fun…and boy, did we ever! This was our third trip we all took together…and they continue to be more and more fun with each one!

We picked St. Louis to travel to. We stayed there Wednesday through Saturday. I will share in a later post, with pictures, all we did and all the fun we had! Our grandmother, aunt, and uncle live about 1-1/2 hours from St. Louis. We spent a good part of Saturday with them. We also stopped at my sister-in-law’s later that afternoon to spend time with her and her family. It was so wonderful to see everyone again! We arrived back home after 11pm Saturday night.

I am thankful for the things we were able to do on our trip, the time we spent together as a family, the time we were able to spend with members of our extended family, our Holiday Parade and Thanksgiving meal experiences, helping fulfill one of Ali and Zach’s dreams…to tour Busch Stadium, our safe travels, the conversation Pat and I shared texting on the way home, and some much needed relaxation time! I thank God for the entire trip!

To wrap this month up, I thank God for my life. I thank God that He’s in charge, and that I don’t have to be. I thank God for putting the people in my life that He has. I thank God that I know where I’m going when my time is up on this earth. I thank God that He has chosen me to be one of His children. I thank God…period!
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