Giving Thanks #27

by | Nov 28, 2009 | thankfulness

Even though Thanksgiving is over, I still am finding myself thinking about the things (and people) I am thankful for…

–my friend Karen McCaa…today is her birthday!

–my sister-in-law Nancy…today is her birthday!

–my brother Pat, sister-in-law Stacie, nephews Patrick and Bennett, and niece Reagan who I’ve spent LOTS of time with the last couple of days 🙂

–being able to sleep in this morning, snuggling under the warm covers…instead of fighting the early morning shopping crowds!

–doing different, out of the ordinary things today, the day after Thanksgiving

–sitting back, watching my children laugh and enjoy themselves

–helping Ali and Zach have a dream come true today 🙂

–not being on a schedule today

–Ali’s throat feeling better

–little joys that I sometimes miss

It’s hard for me to believe November is drawing to a close in a matter of days. I have really enjoyed sharing what I’m thankful for this month. I’ll continue it until the end of November.

May God bless you tonight!
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