Giving Thanks #18

by | Nov 19, 2009 | thankfulness

Tonight as I close out my day, I’m thankful for many things…some are big and some are small. As I have been doing all month each day, I’m posting the things that come to mind that I’m thankful to God for.

Today there are many…

–I found out a few hours ago that John, the son of a man I went to school with, and who had been missing since Saturday, was found alive today in our local area this afternoon. I’m thanking God he was found today.

–for Tracy, my hair stylist. I got a new “do” today…2-1/2 inches cut off. I really like it, and I was pleased that Bill likes it too! Zach & Ali got haircuts tonight, and both went shorter also! They look great! Tracy does such a great job! Don’t know what I’d do without her!

–Zach had a great school conference today! I’m so proud of him! For his great conference, he picked out a new book, which he’s almost done reading already as I write this!

–for our kitty outside…how lonely she seems without her brother around. I will explain that in another post…very sad.

–BSF today…it was a great class and a great lesson! God is teaching me SO MUCH through the study of John this year!

–a fun lunch with Reagan and Stacie! We went out for lunch after BSF, and it was so enjoyable! Reagan is such a cutie!

–a wonderful dinner together as a family. How I cherish our times like that together!

–adding a new customer today! That’s always a blessing!

–a great conversation with Tina on the phone. I appreciate her so much! She is such a fabulous friend!

–our bed…oh how I love snuggling under the warm covers on a chilly, damp night. I’m headed there now and look forward to a great night’s sleep!

Good night! 🙂
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